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Kash Doll and Tracy T welcome first child Kashton Prophet Richardson together

Kash Doll previously told fans who hated her child’s name to “let [her] be a ghetto at peace. ”

Tracy T and Kash Doll have joined the parent club. The two artists welcomed their baby boy – named Kashton Prophet Richardson – on Jan.6 at 9:36 p.m., according to Baby names.

The “No Lames” rapper first shared the news of her pregnancy in September 2021, filing a series of tasteful nudes that showcased her growing bump. “The Lord continues to bless me,” she wrote at the time. “Look, it’s a baby in there, and today is the BMF first. I am so overwhelmed with joy. “

While sharing the good news, Kash Doll did not hesitate to express his joy. “Call me crazy but I think I found the love of my life,” she exclaimed. “(I’ve never felt this before all of you, someone finally wrapped me around their finger,” the 32-year-old admitted, adding that her baby boy has “[stolen] his heart.”

The photo shows the small child wrapped in a Versace blanket, a head full of dark hair adorning his head. “Her ears are turning you all brown,” the new mom commented with a smiley emoji. She also created an Instagram account specifically for Kashton (@babykashrich), who has yet to see a post but will likely be updated with some adorable content soon.

Before little Kashton’s arrival, the Detroit-born star was criticized for her preferred name, with people calling her things like “ghetto.” In response to enemies she said, “if anything [is] ghetto, so what? I am a ghetto. I come from the neighborhood. May I be a ghetto at peace! “

“He’s still the broke and deranged,” yelled Doll after reading the slander. “And here’s my silly, rich, deranged ass. Why do I let these broke and deranged people mess with my rich ass? I’m crazy! I think that’s because he’s my kid.”

Tracy T also showed off his new family addition – see what he uploaded to his story earlier this week below.