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Who is the Cuban doll? Rapper fuels Cardi B about alleged Offset fraud scandal

Cardi B and Cuban Doll quarreled on Twitter on January 8 after the latter shared photos of a leopard print look from her upcoming music video.

Cuban posted an image of Nicki Minaj on her Instagram Story, hinting that the star rapper was the inspiration for her outfit.

This multimedia game is a mess. Sooo Cardi B and Cuban Doll were literally the biggest story of the day yesterday and the blogs were updating their post whenever something happened… But when Cardi arrived on The Armon Wiggins Show Spaces .. Everyone pointed out for the lunch

However, Cardi fans shared a WAP video where she was seen in a similar outfit, leading to speculation that Cuban’s dress was inspired by her. When the first saw the video, she shared her response via a tweet that read:

“Ask me why they hate me… THEY HAVE NO REASON, JUST DO THE WORKOUT.” It’s cool but everyone who hated it never got it.

Cuban then posted several tweets targeting Cardi, which were later deleted. She also denied being inspired by Cardi. Followers of the latter, however, shared old Instagram stories where Cuban listened to Cardi’s music.

Cuban Doll's response to Cardi B (Image via Twitter)
Cuban Doll’s response to Cardi B (Image via Twitter)

Cardi B had screenshots of Cuban Doll’s previous tweets, one of which read:

“I pray that a man doesn’t marry me just to cheat on me… this is the next level of LACK OF RESPECT. I could never be inspired by someone I don’t listen to. Just stop trying to force this on me.

Another response from Cuban Doll to Cardi B (Image via Twitter)
Another response from Cuban Doll to Cardi B (Image via Twitter)

The caption of Cardi’s post says that Cuban started it all with those deleted tweets.

Cuban responded by saying that she and Cardi had not been on good terms since the latter’s husband, Offset, allegedly tried to have sex with her in 2019. Cardi also shared a video from 2019, where Cuban said in an interview with TMZ that she did not know Offset. and never spoke to him.

Cardi then shared conversations between her and Cuba, where the latter denied being aware of Offset’s cheating situation. Doll said her friend Summer Bunni was the woman involved in the cheating scandal.

Cuban revealed in her next tweet that she was paid to clear Offset’s name in the fraud scandal. Cardi asked Cuba why she had changed her story several times and why the argument started in the first place.

The famous artists then tweeted for the last time, saying they were deleting the tweets because they were not doing any good for them.

Everything we know about the Cuban doll

Cuban Doll is a well-known social media star and singer (Image via Cuban Doll / Facebook)
Cuban Doll is a well-known social media star and singer (Image via Cuban Doll / Facebook)

Born May 12, 1998, Cuban Doll is a social media star and singer. His song videos on YouTube and other platforms have received a decent response from audiences.

The native of Dallas, Texas, was interested in singing and rap since most of her friends were rappers. She listened to Aaliyah and Chief Keef, and although she spent her time with rappers, she didn’t try until 2017.

Cuban started recording his songs in 2017 and got a lot of views. Two of his pieces, Bankruptcy and Transportin, were loved by the public, and another song, Let it blow, has had over 7.7 million views on YouTube.

Doll is also an entrepreneur and sells official Cuban Doll clothing and merchandise. It also sells iPhone cases at affordable prices.

Cuban has collaborated with social media stars like Jonathan Nweke, Molly Brazy and Tadoe. She was also involved in some controversy, including a dispute with Asian Doll, where they were abused on social networks.

The well-known artist was in a relationship with rapper Tadoe. They then split up and continued to collaborate on a few videos. Another rapper, Kodak Black, allegedly asked her out, although she refused the offer.

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