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Baby Doll: Richa Chadha reveals her sex worker character in the audio show

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha shares her experience working on Baby Doll audio show opposite Jaideep Ahlawat. The story revolves around a sex worker, Baby (Richa), her pain and revenge. Richa says: “I play a character called Baby whose real name is Babita Rani, and she’s someone who was probably trafficked as a child, and was in this kind of business against her will. She’s a sex worker, so she’s been in this business for a while and she’s not happy. Richa Chadha flaunts her curves in latest photoshoot and they’re too hot to handle (See pics).

“But she’s learned to live with her reality. And there’s still an assemblage of kindness and morality about her, even though she’s in one of the most despised professions and as a character too.” While talking about the USP of this audio show, the ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ actress shares, “I think the USP of the show will definitely be the story and the characters. The directors are working very hard to create this show. And I think it has a cliffhanger approach over all of the 14-15 episodes. Richa Chadha pays a special tribute to Prateik Babbar’s mother, Smita Patil, the actor reacts (see photo).

“Even at the end, it’s kind of like, it ends on a note where you wonder if there’s going to be a season two or if that’s the end of this character, and it’s kind of like the story of the underdog.” Sharing the challenges of storytelling and preparing for it, she says, “We did a lot of A-reading to get the character right because you know, that’s how I normally talk and sound, but when we have to like a backcountry hindi character so it must be real she must have a bit of rudeness or a bit of yard language too she’s a sex worker we used words you won’t hear usually not on camera or on the radio. We said words, and we did things that you don’t usually see on a podcast or even on camera.”

You have played different roles. How did you find it different from the previous ones, she adds: “I’ve played a sex worker before, never for a podcast. It’s very different in terms of that character’s cautious attitude towards the wind that’s what makes her a winner in my book and that’s what will make the show on Audible too something you can tell where you feel funny like after a few episodes you root for this character, even though you know, she doesn’t really fit the moral compass of most viewers.”

The actress considers her overall experience working on the podcast to be fulfilling, as she comments, “My experience working on this podcast has been truly amazing. We’ve had great producers, both from Audible and people who take care of it on their behalf of sound and vision. It’s an original story. It’s really, like the backcountry, and I really hope people can, like appreciate it for this it is. It’s one of those pulpy novels, but now told through the voice of the female lead. And I think that’s what makes it really interesting.”

Richa, after making her debut in a small role in the comedy film ‘Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!’, broke through with a supporting role in Gangs of Wasseypur. How she looks at her journey in the entertainment industry, the actress replies, “I feel like, like, the first quarter of my journey, to be honest. I’ve seen everything change so quickly over the of the past 10 years since I’ve been active. And I think it’s only going to get better. For real artists all the way to actors, it’s a good time. And now that I’m getting into production and writing is a very fulfilling phase because you can use more than just your face and your body, you know, you can see things in the world with the work that you do.”

About her upcoming projects, she reveals, “There’s ‘Fukrey 3’, which is a massive hit franchise, and that’s what we’re shooting right now. There’s basically three movies. I wish I could announce now but I can’t. I mean I’m shooting one in July one after that there’s a mental health movie and then there’s a crossover movie in the UK. Those are the confirmed projects There’s of course S2 ‘A Great Indian Murder’ and things like that. So it’s going to be a full year.”

Like many celebrities, she loves doing reality shows, the actress says, “What kind of reality show if it’s a reality show where you know how these two people go down the highways and eat food local street girl Yeah I’m up for that But the reality show is about me being like in captivity like in a house with other people and force fighting with them or be locked up somewhere, never, never, never!” Written by Pravesh Bhardwaj, the Baby Doll audio show is available on Audible.

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