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Genshin Impact fan makes life-size Barbara doll

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game, released in 2020 by miHoYo, set in the rich fantasy world of Teyvat. As a live service game, the developer is releasing constant updates and new in-game content for gamers. Additionally, the game has seen many new playable characters join the already extensive roster, many of whom have special elemental abilities. Barbara Pegg is one of the playable characters in Hydro and is known for her gentle nature and healing abilities.


One Genshin Impact Fans tapped into their creativity and wowed players with their huge paper tribute to the hydro character called Barbara Pegg. The life-size paper sculpture is three-dimensional, with a mandatory banana for the scale.

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MeanForce1, real name Tobyn Jacobs, is a San Diego-based papercraft artist. He posted the creation to the / r / Genshin_Impact / Reddit community, sharing images of the life-size character. The basis for the design was created by modifying an existing papercraft model using Pepakura designer. The model was originally intended for a 10 inch paper figure. The piece took several days to complete, starting with the upper body, in a process Jacobs documented on Reddit.

Commenters on Reddit praised the article. One user joked that it would be a disaster if the Barbara Paper used her elemental Hydro skills, while another described it as impressive, but warned Jacobs to be careful where he put it.

“[…] this thing (would) be pierced all over the kitchen with a scream (if) I saw it out of the corner of my eye at 3 am taking water, ”/ u / KlarkKomAzgeda warned. Jacobs replied that there were much more spooky paper creations in his house, and he wasn’t lying. Jacobs’ house contains many works, some of which are over 20 feet tall.

Jacobs has gained a reputation for his enormous paper sculptures and cutouts, which are often inspired by characters from anime and video games, as well as personalities from the gaming community. Although Barbara Pegg’s papercraft is larger than most handmade figurines, it is far from Jacobs’ biggest piece. In December, Jacobs produced a 21-foot-tall cutout of Hungrybox, a streamer and pro Super Smash Bros. player. He also displayed a 41-foot-high paper cutout of Sayaka Maizono (from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc) at Anime Expo in 2019, consisting of 460 individual pieces printed from a humble HP printer and god knows how much ink. These are just a selection of his works that seem to get bigger and bigger and bigger.

When asked if he plans to make any new Barbara-inspired paper sculptures, Jacobs said he didn’t plan to create more creations based on the character, but did consider creating more. ‘others Genshin Impact character crafts. Jacobs’ designs are surreal and unique, and it’s hard not to be impressed with the work involved in producing a full 3D paper version of a video game character. It will be interesting to see where Jacobs’ printer takes him next.

Genshin Impact is out now for mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch version on the way.

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