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Elden Ring Fan Makes Awesome Iron Fist Alexander Crochet Doll

An Elden Ring fan shows off an amazing NPC Living Jar Iron Fist Alexander doll that their mother crocheted together.

A Ring of Elden The player shared images of a cute Iron Fist Alexander doll that their mom crocheted in amazing detail. Alexander is one of many creatures players will encounter on their journey through The Lands Between. Ring of Elden is filled with characters and NPCs that players will remember, both good and bad.

A type of enemy that players will encounter in Ring of Elden are the Living Jars. One of these creatures you will meet is Alexander, who had decided to become a warrior and needs the help of players when they meet. The mother of one Ring of Elden fan made it their very own Alexander to take wherever they go.


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A Reddit user named VogelSlayer posted images of a crocheted version of Elden Ring’s Alexander of the Iron Fist. The doll features many of the Living Jar’s physical characteristics, such as the patterns seen around her body. The cap that can be seen from the top of the NPC has also been crocheted, with the pattern on the lid that can be seen in-game having been sewn. Even the cracks in the jar have been included. Alexandre’s crochet doll is adorable and is a cute little piece that any Ring of Elden fan might appreciate.

An additional image can be seen in the original Reddit post from VogelSlayer.

Reddit users are loving Alexander’s crochet doll, with VogelSlayer’s post currently having over 11,000 upvotes. A number of reviewers call the piece cute, with some saying they want to buy one. Many users also praise VogelSlayer’s mother for creating the play, with one saying she became Elden Lord without playing. Ring of Elden and that she is a true legend. VogelSlayer’s mother won the hearts of the Ring of Elden community using her crochet skills to bring one of the game’s most memorable characters to life.

VogelSlayer’s mother isn’t the only one creating works featuring Alexander. A Redditor known as jbird9270 shared an amazing piece of art featuring Elden Ring’s massive Living Jar and his nephew Jar-Bairn. The artwork shows Jar-Bairn standing over Alexander and bowing while his uncle appears to be gesturing proudly. The duo are surrounded by a flock of birds while two figures, one in red and the other in white, stand behind the Living Jars. According to the artist, the painting was inspired by an AI. They explained that the piece started out as a monochrome vignette that simply showed Jar-Bairn standing over Alexander against a grayscale background. jbird9270 introduced it in an AI to take inspiration from the Living Jars color scheme and environment, which led to birds and onlookers. It’s a beautiful job and displays a scene that players may never see.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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