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Asian Doll Shuts Down Erica Banks Comparisons Following Erica’s Comments About Nicki Minaj’s Female Collaborations

Erica Banks is shaking the table with her recent comments on Nicki Minaj’s collaboration choices, especially with female rappers. During a podcast appearance, Erica said the industry veteran “entertains girls who can’t rap.” The now-viral moment inspired comparisons between Erica and Asian Doll, who also made her desire for a Nicki feature very clear. Between Sunday and Monday, Asian Doll took to social media to remove her name from the story!

“Ayo is not talking about me including me and my name and whatever randomly built up involving me in the next b***h tf situation,” Asian Doll tweeted. “She looked stupid as fuck nun we keep that shit over there en I don’t agree or respect the shit she said so side by side pics don’t give a damn all goodbye.”

Erica Banks Says Nicki Minaj Entertains “Bad” Rappers

As previously reported, Erica spoke about Nicki’s decisions as an artist during an episode of the Big Facts Podcast. She once again clarified the March situation where Nicki blocked her on social media.

Erica said the award-winning artist has already shown her love for her posts, including dropping likes. Then rapper Baby Tate revealed on Twitter that she had “given [Nicki] flowers and love” only to get unanswered DMs. In a separate tweet, Baby Tate claimed to have seen Nicki “interacting with, following, liking artists [she] personally thinks he can’t rap at all. At some point, Erica accepted the message. And his cosign landed him on Ms. Petty’s blacklist.

Well, you know, I love Nicki, but I just feel like I’ve been trying to reach out to her for a long time and I just feel like she kinda ignored me,” Baby said. Tate “And I feel like she entertains girls who can’t even rap, you know what I mean? And my feelings hurt.”

Erica did not name the female rappers she was addressing. She said “some people might get angry” for her comment, but in her eyes “it’s the truth”.

Asian Doll slams Erica comparisons

The industry veteran has blessed several female artists, including Megan Thee Stallion, BIA and most recently Coi Leray, with coveted features. And almost immediately, people online seemed to think Erica was referring to Coi, who had previously come under fire for her rapping skills. Coi responded by retweeting an interview clip with laughing emojis.

Erica’s comment kind of brought Asian Doll’s name into the conversation. Asian has also spoken publicly about wanting to work with Nicki. In the same time frame as Baby Tate and Erica’s comments in March, Asian tweeted that she was next in line from Nicki.

“All assholes can shut up. Nicki ain’t doing a song with y’all before me no way to line up huh,” Asian tweeted.

Except that Asian guy was wrong. Next in line, behind the success of BIA A lot of money feature, came Coi Blick Blick. Not only did Nicki hop on the track, but she voiced her support for Coi’s music, including her new album. Avant-garde.

So what about Asia? Apparently not on the same wave as Erica. She left another tweet on Monday making it a crystal where she stands.

“Erica played HERSELF the rap girls nun thinks like that except the person who sat her a** in that seat on that stage and said what she said so she stands on that ALONE don’t drag us women with all RESPECT,” Asian tweeted.

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