Bisque doll

Doll Found on Louisiana Weir Reveals Weird Piece of New Orleans History

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO) – A walk along the Bonnet Carre Spillway revealed a strange piece of New Orleans history to Rich Erbach.

Erbach, who is WGNO’s news director, spends his free time snapping photos of nature’s greatest treasures and sometimes nature’s ghostly secrets.

The most recent example: a vintage porcelain doll containing pieces from the past, particularly those of the prized New Orleans doll maker, Charles Vincent (CV) Gambina.

While one glance at the doll is enough to suggest a potentially haunted past, closer examination reveals the doll to be Gambina “Florodora” #712 doll.

Gambina began designing dolls in the 1970s, then expanded into what would become the country’s largest line with 80 designs. All dolls are then signed and numbered to mark their uniqueness.

“Florodora” is handmade, porcelain and would have been manufactured around 1983.

How “Forodora” ended up in the spillway remains a mystery.

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