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Winter-looking Belinda is the perfect Christmas doll – CVBJ

Belinda, with a winter look, they ask for her as a Christmas doll | Instagram

Belinda is one of the artists of the pop genre who appears everywhere, one of the photos she posed on has been the inspiration of many users who yearn to have her on hand and even dream of her as a gift. : “For the little tree.”

the spanish singer Born on August 15, 1992 in Madrid, Spain, she appears in a snap with a light-colored plush coat, as is in most cases Belinda, caused a sensation among users of an Instagram account.

Belinda He reappeared from a snapshot on one of the platform’s fan pages from where we see him dressed in a very wintery outfit, stealing many hearts in his wake and accumulating several “Likes” and various reactions.


Belinda, with a wintry look, is the perfect Christmas doll. Photo: Instagram capture

The “composer“Belinda Peregín Schüll appears mainly by combining light colored clothes, a cream colored top and a coat that adds a matching plush hat, however, the slender” pop star “beauty has everyone captivated by showing off his marked abdomen.

The silhouette of “Beli“This is one of the qualities that admirers of the performer”Little frog“They do not let it go unnoticed and praise at every opportunity, in addition to their beautiful gaze which stood out in some of their sessions.

What beautiful eyes with beautiful eyes, Very beautiful my beautiful Beli, The CHULA of Christián Nodal, bright blessings the Nodeli, Beautiful and beautiful princess !, Precious, Blessings for you and your love of Christian loves. I wish you a lot of love, peace, tranquility and prosperity, Gift… Heart… Merry Christmas my beautiful friend, Beautiful Little Woman, For the little tree !!

These are some of the reactions internet users have left in their wake on the postcard of the remembered child star, who made his debut at the age of ten in productions such as “Amigos x Siempre “(2000),” Aventuras en el tiempo “(2001)” Accomplices to the rescue “(2002), among the best known.

The “Nodal’s bride“, Forged a whole career which led her to be named” Princess of Latin Pop “, and in the middle of her career, the soloist developed various facets, from actress” pianist “,” businesswoman “and even philanthropy.

The also “model“He has collaborated not only with various magazines such as Marie Claire, Vogue, Glamor, Caras, Quien and Her World, the latter two of the most recent.