Rag doll

Watch Sunset Blush’s New “Rag Doll” Music Video

Although relatively unknown in the Australian indie music scene, Melbourne’s Sunset Blush has fans in the form of fellow musicians Goyte and Angie Hart.

Hailing from Queensland but based in Melbourne for over 15 years, Sunset Blush have been writing, recording and performing locally and nationally for years, delivering their self-proclaimed “Purpleslam” for your ears and soul.

His latest release is “Rag Doll,” a song that features a creepy, menacing rhythm section, giving way to a funereal, melancholy swagger with a gravelly drawl that is as dry as it is distinct.

“Keeping things feeling and ringing true is what music is all about,” Sunset Blush says of “Rag Doll,” which was released earlier this year.

Now Sunset Blush is set to drop an accompanying music video for ‘Rag Doll’ which Scenestr is thrilled to premiere today. Enjoy.

With influences as varied as REM, Prince, Guns N’ Roses and George Michael, Sunset Blush’s next mission is a live local show at The Tote (in Collingwood) on July 22nd. “I can’t wait to play my next gig at The Tote.

“I’m teaming up with the adorable and amazing Don’t Thank Me Spank Me and Kitty Rae. It’s gonna be some serious action. You know you want it!”