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Voice Of Squid Game Doll Reagan Won’t Be Allowed To Watch The Show

squid game recently became Netflix’s biggest show ever seen by millions and millions of households around the world.

However, one of the cast members was unable to see what it was about.

That’s because Reagan To – who plays the giant Red Light doll, Green Light in the show’s English dub – is just 10, and her parents won’t let her watch the bloody South Korean survival drama. .

Reagan played along with the hosts of The Morning Show. Credit: The Morning Show/Channel 7

Speaking on The Morning Show in Australia – via video link from Los Angeles – Reagan said: “I haven’t watched anything.

“My mom showed me just a little bit but right before the violent part she just stopped it.

“And even my brother, he’s fourteen and my parents won’t even let him watch it.”

She said she was allowed to dress up as a character for Halloween, so I guess that’s something.

If you’ve seen the show, you’ll probably understand why Reagan’s parents didn’t let her watch her entire scenes.

The doll leads a game of Red Light, Green Light, with competitors tasked with crawling forward while the doll faces.

However, if caught crawling by the doll, the contestants are brutally shot and killed; so yeah, it’s a pretty wild twist on the playground version of the game.

It's not the most kid-friendly show.  Credit: Netflix
It’s not the most kid-friendly show. Credit: Netflix

English speakers had a choice to make while watching the show, with many feeling that the English dub did not do the show justice, and others were hesitant to watch the entire series with subtitles.

Comedian and writer Youngmi Mayer wrote about Twitter“If you don’t understand Korean, you haven’t really watched the same show. The translation was so bad. The dialogue was so well written and none of it survived.

“The reason why this happens is that the translation work is not respected and also the volume of content. The translators are underpaid and overworked and it is not their fault.

“It’s the fault of the producers who don’t appreciate the art.”

Some people also claimed that the subtitles were inconsistent.

One person wrote: “Me and my roommate both watched squid game on two different laptops and our English subtitles were different. The distinctions were subtle but even that felt like we were watching different shows.”

Another person said, “I also watched it in Korean and as a multilingual speaker with translation and subtitling experience, I just noticed a lot of messy areas and it was so basic. I also (just to see what it was like) started watching the dubbed version – it was worse.”