Rag doll

Video shows catcher Greg Newsome ‘Rag Doll’ attempting block

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Andrew Berry spent his first draft pick on Northwestern’s Greg Newsome II.

The first story was that the Cleveland Browns landed a second stoppage cornerback to play against Denzel Ward.

But playing the corner isn’t just about covering receivers.

NFL teams are known to run the ball occasionally and corners need to make tackles and fend off blockers.

Ward made great strides in his tackle last season in Joe Woods’ new scheme.

And from the looks of a video found on social media, Newsome also has a desire to be a force in the defense against the run.

The video posted by Ben Fennell (@BenFennell_NFL) shows Newsome rejecting a slot receiver trying to block.

NFL Network and Athletic affiliate Fennell captioned the post, “Rag doll those slot machine receivers!”

Newsome is certain to find bigger challenges than the victimized Giants receiver in this video.

Rookie Alex Bachman is just 6 feet tall and weighs 190 pounds.

But Newsome did what he had to do with the potential blocker on the play.

Newsome ready to mix it all up

If Newsome engages every blocker or runner with this type of physique, he’ll gain all the fans he doesn’t already have.

In the video, Newsome is lined up as a slot machine wedge, his first venture into the role.

In a mid-August interview with Cleveland.com’s Andrew Gribble, Newsome said he wanted to expand his repertoire.

He noted that his accomplished teammate, Denzel Ward, always stands within earshot of cornerbacks coach Brandon Lynch.

And he recounted the advice Ward gave him at the start of training camp.

“He told me… When you’re looking to fix something, don’t get into a practice trying to fix everything. Find one thing you want to correct for that day. Fix that, then the next day fix something else. Just keep stacking bricks like this and you’ll get better every day.

Newsome is taking full advantage of the days at the pre-season training camp.

And his gaming experience also offered valuable lessons.

And at this rate, Greg Newsome II will be a star for the Cleveland Browns in his first season in the NFL.