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Video of Psy as a Squid Game doll dancing to ‘That That’ leaves fans wanting more

What happens when two of K-Pop’s mega superstars shake hands? A hit was born. And that’s exactly what happened when BTS Suga and PSY collaborated for their kick ‘That’, setting impressive milestones. Now celebrating his mega hit, the creator of Gangnam Style has thrilled fans by playing a character from another Korean hit: Squid game.

Dressed up as a doll – Younghee – from the hit Netflix production, the 44-year-old K-Pop icon shared a video on Instagram that left fans amused and confused. With her hair styled in two pigtails, donning the signature vibrant orange dress over the yellow t-shirt in the video, Psy can be seen playing at a pool table and sucking a lollipop into her mouth.

Psy joked, “Younghee the doll almost made a special appearance” in the “That That” music video explaining the reason for her unusual avatar.

Giving fans a glimpse of yet another deleted scene, the pop star shared a video of the squid game groove doll on the title track of the recent album. Dressed as Younghee, Psy was seen doing the special choreography for the song’s chorus in the same set of her music video against the living room bar seen in the background. He even used a creative hashtag for his Reel video, #PsyHee, leaving everyone laughing online.

Popular South Korean artists liked and commented on the video, praising it for always being a sport, while some also lamented that it was not part of the music video. Many are now busy commenting on his post, asking the viral sensation to post the full version of ‘PsyHee’.

Shot to world fame in 2012 with his earworm Gangnam Style, Psy returned with PSY 9th, his eighth studio album after a five-year hiatus. Making a comeback, the K-pop veteran has collaborated with some of South Korea’s biggest artists, making his album a hit. But perhaps the biggest winner was the album’s lead single.

The catchy and wacky song produced by Suga saw the BTS rapper shake a leg with PSY and debuted on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart at No. 80. The song also reached No. 2 and No. 5 on Billboard’s Global Excl. US and Global 200 charts. The last two entries mark the highest milestones on these charts for any BTS member’s solo work, as well as PSY’s first-ever entries.