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Vance Joy says a fan once gave him a ‘voodoo’ doll of himself

Vance Joy opened up about the craziest gifts he’s received from fans, saying he once received a “voodoo” type doll of himself.

During an appearance on radio show Fitzy & Wippa, Vance Joy (real name James Gabriel Keogh) was asked about some of the things his fans have given him over the years.

“I had like a little model version of myself that’s kind of stitched together. It’s kind of like, what’s that…?” The musician replied.

“A voodoo doll? Host Wippa asked Keogh.

“Like, I’m not saying it’s a voodoo doll but it looks like a voodoo doll. So it kind of freaked me out. I honestly didn’t know what to do with it. Sometimes I put it in the closet. But like you don’t mean I don’t want to disrespect the Voodoo Doll show. So it’s just a little bit here now, I feel like he has powers,” Keogh replied.

On the subject of gifts, the “Riptide” singer shared that he once gave Taylor Swift a painting, adding that the famous singer met her parents while on tour with her.

“We got this commission from Ken Done, the famous Australian artist. So it could be somewhere in the house somewhere.

“I had the opportunity to open for her. And she met my parents that I was playing in Melbourne.

The Australian singer and songwriter has released his new album In our own sweet time Last week.

Speaking about his new album, Keogh explained that it was written mostly during the pandemic and “fuelled by old friends, new memories and finding love in a not-so-hopeless place.”

“I’m always drawn to the idea of ​​timelessness or that shared moment that takes you out of the chaos outside. If the world is crazy, you can retreat somewhere. It’s always hard to find the right title, but I think it sums up the album perfectly,” the musician said of “In Our Own Sweet Time.”

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