Rag doll

Uncle Albert the dog treated ‘like a rag doll’ in traumatic Staffordshire bull terrier attack

Warning: this article contains shocking images.

A father has described the moment he thought his pet had been mauled to death in front of his traumatized children as a Staffordshire bull terrier ‘shakes the dog like a toy’ outside a supermarket. Kevin Waite, from Camborne, was preparing to celebrate the iconic Trevithick Day in the town on Saturday (April 30) with his family and their Maltese pet, named Uncle Albert, strolling through the town centre.

He was with his wife and two children at the time who he describes as “traumatized” after each witnessing the horrifying attack. The 42-year-old described how a Staffordshire bull terrier appeared to be tied up and left unattended outside the Tesco store on Wesley Street as the family passed by before he broke free and ‘caught Uncle Albert by the neck” before shaking viciously. him. The attack was so frightening that they thought he was dead.

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“We live up the road and bless Uncle Albert he was in such good spirits. He’s a grumpy asshole, usually my dog, but we were walking past Tesco and he was so happy. Then there was this staff that looked like they were tied up and they saw Albert and went crazy for him.”

They kept a distance from Uncle Albert, who was on a leash, but that wasn’t enough as the other dog got away. “At first it startled my daughter and we laughed about it, but ten seconds later this dog got off his leash and jumped on Albert, grabbed him by the back and Albert almost did the dead.

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“It started moving him around like a toy, a rag doll and he was being pushed all over the place. I was trying to take that dog off him and another gentleman was helping him. When I finally freed him he was so flexible that I thought Albert was dead, luckily we realized he was still alive and I went to Tesco and asked them to tell the owner to come out.

Uncle Albert is terrified following the attack and has multiple puncture wounds

He explained that the owner was apologizing, explaining that the dog had not been with him for a long time and saying that it was a rescue dog and that was the reason for the behavior. But after sharing the incident on Facebook, it appeared that this may not have been the first such incident involving this particular dog.

“After the attack, someone contacted Facebook with a description and name for the dog, saying the same dog had attacked another the previous week,” Mr Waite continued. “My children were there and my wife. They were shouting. Both children are traumatized, my wife is traumatized and we haven’t slept in three nights with the poor dog.”

His owners thought he was dead as his body became lifeless during the attack.

They took Uncle Albert to the vets and now have £210 out of pocket and a day’s wages and believe ‘he’s not out of the woods yet’ but is lucky to be still there. “He has at least eight puncture wounds around his neck and one of his hind legs,” Mr Waite said. “He’s so lucky to be alive. The vet is worried he’s got some kind of post-traumatic stress disorder and I wouldn’t say he’s off the hook yet. He’s just hiding under our table and we just had a little tail wagging out of him today when he saw my sister.”

The incident was reported to the non-emergency channels of Devon and Cornwall Police, but the Waite family have yet to hear from an officer about it. The police website says online crime reports and 101 emails can take up to seven days to process.