Baby doll

Trinity College students film themselves pretending to hang black doll from tree in hats

Two private schoolgirls filmed themselves hanging up a black doll given to them as part of a parenting training class.

The incident took place at Trinity College in South Australia early last week.

The students, who are reportedly in grade 11 or 12, uploaded pictures of themselves using their hats to hang the doll from a tree on Snapchat.

It was shared among students and provided to

In the footage, one of the girls performing the act appears to be laughing.

A screenshot of the Snapchat video of the incident. Credit: Provided

Nick Hatly, principal of Trinity College, told he was “appalled” by the footage.

He said a full investigation found he was not racially motivated.

The girls each received a child to care for as part of a parenting class, he said.

One of those dolls was black while the other was white, he said.

“These two girls thought it would be funny to do what they did,” he said.

Trinity College in Gawler.
Trinity College in Gawler. Credit: Provided

“We worked with them why this was not the case.”

He said the two girls have been suspended for the remainder of last week and the start of this week.

They were suspended for “property damage and discrediting the school by sharing the video on social media.”

“Our conclusion is that it is not racially motivated,” he said.

A recording of the student hanging the doll by the hat.
A recording of the student hanging the doll by the hat. Credit: Provided

“It’s not something we just guessed. We spoke with them a lot and they were mortified that it could have been the case.

“When you see all of what’s going on, you can see it. “ has chosen not to identify the girls involved.