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Toronto Mayor John Tory Just Got His Own Talking Doll and It’s Damn Accurate

With voters heading to the polls in less than two weeks, Toronto is in full municipal election mode — though you wouldn’t really know it if you were looking around town right now.

Door knockers, lawn signs and other campaign materials have been noticeably scarce in many neighborhoods, especially when compared to political displays ahead of this summer’s provincial election and the snap federal election in the United States. last fall.

Experts predict record turnout for Toronto’s municipal election on Monday, Oct. 24, based on early polls, low provincial turnout in June (around 43% of Ontarians) and widespread feelings of political apathy and confusion among members of the public.

But all is not blah; In the absence of many formal campaigns or debates, some interesting art projects have sparked debate among young urban voters.

AusterityTO, where an anonymous creator turns long-running Toronto pain points into faux public art exhibits, continues to be brilliant, and a John Tory drawstring doll talking video is also drawing attention.

Toronto-based podcast producer Ivan Mirko S. (IMS), whose innovative dystopian audio series The Program is inspired by life and politics in Canada’s largest city, has shared his one-of-a-kind Tory doll via Reddit at the end of last week.

I made a John Tory drawstring doll to save him the trouble of being mayor,” he wrote, sharing a video of the Canadian-made Toronto mayor plush, which has since raised nearly 3,000. positive votes.

“I’m very concerned, I find home prices in Toronto extremely disturbing,” a text-to-speech voice said, repeating some of Tory’s oft-repeated talking points.

“I condemn gun violence in the strongest possible terms…very nasty…no booze in the parks, just go to your cabin…I will protect Toronto from the greatest threat: cyclists. Vision Zero, Vision Zero, Vision Zero, Vision Zero, Vision Zero.”

The final fun dig comes at the end of the clip, when the string is pulled one last time: “This message was brought to you by Rogers.”

Tory, who is running for his third consecutive four-year term as mayor of Toronto, earns $100,000 as a member of the Rogers Family Trust. This advisory role for one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies is frequently cited by critics of Tory mayor’s office.

At the end of the stuffed Tory clip on Reddit, a message urges viewers to vote on October 24 if they think “Toronto deserves better than a pull doll” for mayor.

“The doll is just another humorous way to draw people’s attention to some of the craziness of local politics,” IMS, the toy’s creator, told blogTO in an interview.

“The extraction mechanism is from my neighbor’s music box – the phrases are dubbed because I wanted to have more control over it in post (and maybe do a sequel with whatever suggestions other redditors have made ).”

The doll “was never meant to be bought,” the artist said, noting that he would never try to make money off of something like this. “In my opinion, that capitalist mindset is a big part of what got us into the mess we’re in right now.”

So no, you can’t buy the talking Tory doll, but you can take advantage of the concept as a way to encourage critical thinking and democratic participation!

“The reason I did this is because – in my opinion – John Tory lacks the courage, conviction and urgency to be an agent of change. The best I can say about him is that it could be worse,” IMS said.

“I guess 8 years ago that might have been good enough – but at this time in Toronto’s history, ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough. Toronto’s poor leadership could cause us to miss a generational opportunity to become a truly great city.”