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Tiana Doll (Newly Designed) Disney Designer Collection

The Disney Designer Collection is back and this year the dolls are inspired by Ultimate Princess Celebration. Throughout 2021 and into 2022, 15 collectible dolls with a matching pin will be released on a monthly basis and the next doll featured is Tiana (Newly Designed).

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What is happening:

  • The Disney Designer Collection is proud to present the Ultimate Princess Celebration, a limited series of dolls carefully crafted by artists from The Walt Disney Company.
  • Tiana (Newly Designed) is the fourteenth doll to feature in the collection and is designed by Cathy Clark-Ramirez.
  • Clark-Ramirez was inspired for this look by art deco styles from the 20s and 30s which feature bold and elegant lines. The aesthetic seemed to match Tiana’s bold strength and determination perfectly! Add a dash of New Orleans flair and theatrics and suddenly Tiana has a brand new look that is sure to impress.
  • Tiana is dressed in an olive green flapper dress that unfolds at the calves into a long, flowing skirt in the back. A deep “V” that runs down to the waistline completes the bodice and is adorned with sheer brown fabric and orange beads.
  • For her night out, Tiana also donned a matching green and brown frayed coat with a faux fur collar and gold and orange beads. She wears a green necklace, golden heels and stockings adorned with magic stars.
  • Her hairstyle is reminiscent of the era with her large curls held in place by a golden hairpiece.
  • The edition size was not announced, but the newly designed Briar Rose was released in 5,500 copies and sold for $129.99.
  • The Disney Designer Collection Tiana Doll (Newly Designed) available Nov. 8 at 7 a.m. PT on shopDisney while its companion brooch has already debuted!
  • Links to individual items can be found below.


Disney Designer Collection Tiana (Newly Designed) Limited Edition Doll – The Princess and the Frog – Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration – $129.99


Tiana Hinged Pin – The Princess and the Frog – Disney Designer Collection – Limited Edition – $34.99

  • Hinged pin design with clear glass window on the door
  • Aurora art designed for Disney by Cathy Clark-Ramirez
  • About. 3” H x 1 1/2” W

Disney Designer Collection:

  • This amazing doll series will reimagine the iconic looks of 15 Disney Princesses in gorgeous couture styles that are as unique and special as the ladies themselves.
  • Upcoming Disney Princesses in the series include:

Previous versions featured: