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This nail art doubles as a comb, can be used on doll hair. Watch | Tendency

This video posted by ILYSM Nails on Instagram shows how she creates a functional comb using a few acrylic nails.

Nail art videos can be found in abundance on the Internet. And one of the latest additions to this is quite bizarre as it doubles as an item of daily necessity. In a video that was recently posted on Instagram by the page known as ILYSM Nails, viewers can see how she did nail art this time that doubles as an actual comb! There’s a chance that this video will make you say “whoa”.

The woman who runs this page calls herself a “creative nail blogger” and often rightly so. This video opens to show how she puts on acrylic nails and shapes them into a comb shape. She then puts on a coat of shimmery silver nail polish.

She then adds a pink heart to it, in the most princess way possible – all sparkly and cute. The video then goes on to show her combing a Barbie doll’s hair to detangle it. This video left many netizens impressed with the skill of this nail artist. Part of the video’s caption reads, “Functional hairbrush.”

Watch it here:

This nail art video was posted on Instagram on February 11. Since sharing, this video has received over 19,500 likes. She also accumulated various comments from people who never ceased to admire her talent.

“Love this,” one Instagram user commented, followed by a fire emoji. “That was so cool, my girls want this now. 13 and 6,” posted another individual. “Definitely creative,” complimented a third. “Imagination,” posted a fourth, followed by a cheering emoji.

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