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The Skye Bleu Crew’s “Dollhouse” – NoHo Arts District

Skye Bleu Crew’s “Dollhouse”

A NoHo Arts music review of The Skye Bleu Crew single “Doll House”.

“Doll House” is short and very very sweet. This new all-platform release from Illinois-based The Skye Bleu Crew is a charming blend of classic Americana and country rock sounds. The bewitching voice of the sublime Jen Botka firmly anchors this piece in a soulful and bluesy atmosphere.

There’s a wonderful kind of rock musicality to this track. It’s as if we were immersed in the middle of a love story, a bigger story. Perhaps there is more to come on this particular romance from this excellent group?

Wonderfully clear and emotional vocals, sweetly vocal guitar and gently moving beats, all wonderfully mixed and produced by Grammy Award-winning Blaise Barton in his Chicago studio.

The Skye Bleu Crew’s “Dollhouse” is deceptively simple, it sneaks up on you, grabs your attention and stays in your head, spinning in there with its sweetly familiar themes of love and commitment, and a reminder of how you never really know when something life changing might begin.

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Jen Botka: Vocals, Jason Botka: Guitar and Organ, Johnny Gadeikis: Bass, Dominic Fallico: Drums

Producer Name(s): Jason L. Botka

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