Art doll

The mystery of the creepy doll outside Keller Town Hall has been solved

The Town of Keller has become that Jonathan Coulton song about the creepy doll that “has one ruined eye, that’s always open,” and people can’t get enough of it.

Around 9 p.m. last Wednesday, security cameras picked up footage of three girls placing a battered, eyeless doll in a tattered blue dress on the bench outside City Hall on Bear Creek Parkway. The next morning, town officials found the doll on the bench but they didn’t remove or touch it – probably because they thought some sort of curse would befall them or the doll would rise like a Deadite. of Evil Dead 2 and swallow their souls.

The next morning, city officials spotted the doll staring at them on the way to work, and no one thought to move it or had the courage to pick it up with their bare hands. So Rachel Reynolds, the city’s communications and public engagement manager, posted a photo of the doll on the city’s Facebook page.

“So normally we wouldn’t think anything of it, but we saw The job,” wrote Reynolds. “And annabelle. And Child’s play. So …. yeah. We’ll call in reinforcements from Keller Public Safety on this one.”

It didn’t take long for the creepy photo of the doll to get a lot of attention. So far, it has 50,000 shares on Facebook alone. The post also started a trend of people stopping to take selfies with the doll, and the city used it in two public service announcements. It also inspired a petition to make the doll an official city landmark.

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Four of Keller’s friends (left to right): Lucy Adams, Sara Castillo, Anne Valez and Via Castillo dropped off Anne’s doll in front of City Hall on Wednesday evening. Lucy says they were just trying to get rid of the evil thing, but thanks to Facebook and maybe some sort of ancient Kandarian curse, the doll is back in her home.

Adams shell

Reynolds says the doll they dubbed the Creepy Victorian Murder Doll, or “Vickie M.” long story short, sat on the bench for 21 hours until someone moved him again.

Or he moved on his own.

A photo posted online about the town showed the doll sitting on a makeshift swing near a stream behind the town hall.

“And as far as I know, she’s still here,” Reynolds said.

Eventually, the doll’s owners contacted the city to let them know they had put her there. Lucy Adams, 13, one of four girls who went to town hall and placed the doll on the bench, says they were actually trying to get rid of it. Her friend Anne Valez owned the doll they call “Millie” and they left her on the bench in hopes someone would see her and throw her away for them.

“His parents didn’t like him around the house, so they were going to put him somewhere and didn’t know where to put him,” Lucy says. “Initially we were going to put it on Keller Point, but after church we decided to put it on Keller Town [Hall] bench and I thought someone was going to throw it away tomorrow morning.”

Lucy’s mother Shell says she saw the town post featuring the now-famous doll and asked Reynolds to claim ownership of Millie/Vickie.

“I think it’s kinda crazy how it exploded all over the place,” Lucy said.

And in another sick twist of fate, the creepy doll now lives with the Adams family.