Baby doll

The doll’s video looks creepy on TikTok

Our traditional love for dolls comes from our own upbringing, where playing with a doll hasn’t caused so much controversy.

A time when play was healthy and a key part of learning. What is still the case is just the variation of the game that has evolved, in terms of the types and range of toys.

No doubt that over the years, toys have evolved. Not necessarily for the best though. But keeping that in mind, a video that made its way around TikTok caused quite a stir.

The video shows a person holding what looks like a newborn baby. The scary part was when the baby’s head simply rolls back as the person fails to hold the child in a supportive manner.

But then when you scroll down you notice the hashtags that have been filled in at the bottom part of the video. Who say, “#DOLLS #BABIES #FAKEBABY”

Then the dots come together and we realize it’s actually a doll. A fake baby!

It is absolutely concerning how real this baby looks. But we sighed with relief when we learned that the baby was actually a doll.

WATCH the video below, courtesy of ICT Tac.

This is the weirdest part of it all for us. The creator posted a comment saying he didn’t expect the video to explode like it did.

It was revealed that the baby is actually a lifelike artist doll. The TikToker actually makes these dolls for a living. They are used in movies, shows and even collected by art lovers.

She went on to say, “Those who love babies, angel mothers etc, this baby is £5,500. They’re not cheap and very expensive to make 😅” (ICT Tac)

That’s a whopping R110,605.00 for a realistic doll. As much as we can admit it’s not something we feel comfortable buying for our kids, it answers questions about the movies, when we wonder how this baby is so obedient.

Check out another doll below, courtesy of ICT Tac.

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