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The creepy advertisement of a vintage baby doll is the stuff of nightmares [Video]

Kiss ALL of my butt.

Isn’t Chucky scary enough for you? Do you think the clown doll of Fighting spirit is a big joke? Well, then I might have the doll for you. It is Remco’s baby laught. And today we felt the need to share the original advertising.

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Find out below.

Maybe the only thing scarier than the doll’s laughter – it’s the doll’s laughter – when it’s low on batteries.

Baby Laugh A-Lot was a doll made by Remco, a toy company that went bankrupt in 1971 (the same year this doll came out) and was later acquired by Azrak-Hamway International, Inc. in 1974.

Check out the original box art below. He should say “Off Her Rocker” but who am I to tell the marketing geniuses behind this nightmare baby what is what. Plus you have to like the bottom: “She laughs and rocks… and laughs and rocks…” Just like someone in a mental institution would after no one believes their doll has come alive, laughed like crazy. Dark Side of the Moon, and killed his entire family in the dark.

Baby Laugh A Lot - Spooky advertisement of a vintage baby doll is the stuff of nightmares [Video]

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