Bisque doll

Terrified West Lothian residents spot ‘cursed’ doll in local charity shop

Terrified residents of West Lothian have spotted a ‘cursed’ doll at a local charity shop that has a head full of human hair.

The doll is said to look like Jesus looking at an innocent child was spotted in the Cancer Research store in Linlithgow.

The 5ft figure with certificate and small child doll are on sale for £25 in the store.

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The porcelain Jesus look-alike comes with a child model and a certificate of origin that says, “Let the little children come to me.”

Followed by information about the origin of the doll which reads: “Let little children come to me”, is the first issue of messages of hope collection designed by Titus Tomescu and produced under the Ashton-Drake Galleries brand.

The dolls are popular in the United States.

“The edition of ‘Let the Little Children come to Me’ ends no later than December 31, 1995, at which time the molds for this issue will be broken and no further china will ever be cast.

Although they’re on sale for £25 in West Lothian, the dolls seem to be a bit of a collector’s item in the US and go for around $99 on online auction site eBay.

A blue-eyed doll comes with it.
A blue-eyed doll comes with it.

While dolls might not be everyone’s cup of tea, locals called the nun doll “cursed” and many were quick to name look-alike dolls such as Joe Wicks, Barry Gibb, Jimmy Saville and Liz. Coronation Street McDonald’s.

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Social media users were angry at the unique porcelain Jesus doll, with some calling it demonic, spooky and creepy.

Amanda Jane exclaimed: “It’s a man, a woman and a toddler all rolled into one.”

Maureen Daniels said: “Curly blonde Jesus looks a little perverted there.”

Mark Hughes joked: ‘F****** love Joe Wicks, got me through lockdown.’

Lynne Switzer added: “WTF. This is wrong on so many levels.”