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Ten years after restoration became a meme, artwork gets bighead doll copy in Spain

Spanish artist Cecilia Jimenez, 91, shot to worldwide fame after the mural was restored As Homoby Elias García Martinez, was originally painted in 1930. However, the work did not go as planned, making the painting one of the first popular internet memes.

The restoration of the fresco – a work carried out on the walls or ceilings – on the image of Jesus, which was published in 2012, was honored by the municipal council of Borja, town of Spain Where the work remains on display. ten years after, As Homo He became a big-headed puppet with an image similar to the “replay” of Jimenez.

Although it was considered a mistake on the part of the restorer at the time, the meme’s success prompted hundreds of thousands of tourists to visit the small town of Borja to see the mural.

“This show is also a simple tribute to Cecilia Jimenez, a Borja lover from her town who inadvertently took Borja around the world,” Borja’s Ecce Homo Foundation pointed out in a social media post.

Martinez’s work became more famous after Jimenez’s restoration than before. At that time, the local police came on suspicion of vandalism, but upon investigation it was discovered that the changes had been made by an elderly woman in town.

The Spaniard defended herself by noting that she had obtained authorization for such work and that she was simply trying to save the work, partially damaged by humidity and other wear and tear of time.

The truth is that As Homo It has become a contemporary icon, with copies in many products and places around the world thanks to the work of Martínez.