Rag doll

Teacher finds rag doll in wall with spooky note hours after moving in

A primary school teacher has been ‘freaked out’ after discovering a rag doll holding a sinister note behind a wall inside his new home.

Jonathan Lewis made the shocking discovery just hours after moving into the North West property and has already been asked by friends to move out.

The 32-year-old collected the keys on Friday before embarking on a DIY project to create space.

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Jonathan said he knew there was a gap under the stairs, so he took a hammer to the wall.

However, when he looked inside, he found a rag doll in a pinstriped dress and a beanie staring at him holding a spooky note.

Jonathan found it all hilarious, but his friends told him to move out

Jonathan, from Walton, told the Liverpool Echo: “I just bought the house and received the keys on Friday. I kind of knew there was this void under the stairs which had been plastered over.

“There was a wire coming out where the previous owners had the fridge, but I wasn’t sure where the wire was plugged in, so I drilled through a bit of plasterboard to see what was there.

“I drilled a hole the size of a fist, turned on a light, and there was a doll sitting there.”

The note Jonathan found with the doll in the wall
The note Jonathan found with the doll in the wall

After removing the plasterboard, Jonathan realized that the doll was holding a note, which seriously scared his friends.

It read, “Dear reader/new owner, thank you for setting me free!

“My name is Emily. My first owners lived in this house in 1961. I didn’t like them so they had to leave.

“All they did was sing and have fun. It was sickening. Stabbing was my choice of death for them, so I hope you have knives.

“Hope you’re sleeping well.”

The wall had been barricaded
The wall had been barricaded

Following the discovery, Jonathan’s friends urged him to sell as soon as possible.

He said: “I’ve had friends of mine tell me to put my house back on the market and move out, but I think it’s just a joke.”

Despite the ominous note, Jonathan took it on tiptoe.

He said: “I’ll be honest, I found the whole thing hilarious. I’d probably do the exact same thing.

“The letter says 1961 but the estate agent said when she showed me around that the kitchen was only done four or five years ago.

“I think it must have been put there then because the paper doesn’t look very old and looks relatively new.”

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