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Tacoma’s Chef Moore Attends Launch of “The Black & White Doll Affair” – The Suburban Times

Submitted by Dana Hall, The Case of the Black Doll.

The Black Doll Affair presents “The Black & White Doll Affair”, a modern sub-club that focuses on multi-racial friendships. National Women’s Friendship Day is Sunday, September 18. To celebrate the occasion, on Friday, September 16, Dana Hill, also known as “Mama Doll”, the founder of award-winning social club The Black Doll Affair (TBDA), will launch the new club which celebrates “friends beyond of color”. of skin’™.

In 2007, Hill started TBDA as a social empowerment club for black women and girls and as a solution to “doll tests” where black children identified the black doll as bad, ugly, and least favorite . The members of TBDA are The Black Dolls, The Porcelain (Doll) Pals and Black Doll Brothas, collectively trademarked as “The Black Dolls”. Usually dolls. At The Dolls social club events, they wear the signature Doll t-shirt and bring black dolls to give away to children. These dolls are given to little girls to empower them and inspire them to reverse doll test results. This ceremony is called “Be a doll, give a doll” and earned recognition from the Barbie brand and Barack Obama, with the group receiving his Presidential Service Award for their work nationwide.

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Stepping into new territory, literally and figuratively, Hill moved to Tacoma, WA from TBDA’s headquarters in Atlanta in 2020. With a desire to modernize his national club, Hill decided to launch a playground (chapter) which focuses on friendship beyond skin color. Launching Friday, September 16, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. PMPST, “The Black & White Doll Affair” (TBWDA) will be a party club for interracial friends to play, as well as a space for forming new friendships. From local philanthropic adventures to get-together getaways, TBWDA will deploy affairs that promote racial harmony. McCallum & Son’s Whiskey Co. is hosting the evening where a diverse group of friends will enjoy whiskey tastings and good vibes. Showcasing the friendship between Black & White, Hill picked flights of whiskey from Uncle Nearest and Free Land Spirits. Nathan ‘Nearest’ Green was the enslaved African-American man who played an important role in Jack Daniel’s life. Friends, Nearest taught Jack the art of whiskey distillation. Together, Jack and Nearest launched an iconic brand of Tennessee Whiskey in America. An Oregon-based craft distillery, Free Land Spirits celebrates interracial friendships among craft women. From the girls who farm the grain to those who run the pot still, they create superior spirits that celebrate all the Northwest has to offer.

Special bonds of friendship between blacks and whites have always existed. However, these types of friendships are not fashionable. The world is mixing and racism is changing, but you wouldn’t know that from watching popular news shows and social media sites that pit us against each other. These days, it seems calling a white woman a “Karen” or a black woman a “Keisha” is the preferred narrative. But Hill, a disrupter of silly narratives, literally sees things differently. “My family and circles of friends reflect a gathering of the UN. Coming together in a room full of love beyond our differences always feels right. Our china buddies, members who are not black, always have been strong supporters. So this concept is not foreign to us. It’s more about the friendship between us. I’m known for being a non-conformist and going beyond the status quo of society. So, it’s ‘is that, “ said Hill.

Both Oklahoma natives living and working in Tacoma, Mama Doll asked her friend and Tacoma Police Chief Avery Moore to be on hand to kick off this new day and sub-club of TBDA. As “Chief Usher of the Dolls,” Chef Moore will meet and greet guests and cut the ribbon at the launch party. He will be named Honorary Black Doll Brotha, joining the ranks of other Honorary Dolls including actor Taye Diggs, Emmy Award-winning producer Danny Strong, Naomi King (MLK’s sister-in-law), Cheryl Brown (Brown vs. Board ), Senator Nan Orrock, ballerina Misty Copeland and actress Gabrielle Union. Chef Moore is thrilled to be part of the Living Doll family. “Tacoma is one of the most racially diverse cities in Washington State. Everyone has a voice. Everyone is important and we ALL need to do the work to experience unity in our community. Dana does the job. It is an honor for me to inaugurate the black and white doll business in the city of destiny,” said Moore.

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Carrying the torch of color line mixing, Jessica Johnston is the biracial granddaughter of former Pierce County Assessor Ken Johnston Jr. She is also Tacoma’s first official black doll, co-host and ambassador (ambassador ) from The Black & White Doll Affair. . “Celebrating the similarities and differences that make us the unique women that we are. I am both honored and excited to be able to help move the movement forward in Tacoma,” said Johnston.

The Friday before National Women’s Friendship Day, The Black & White Doll Affair will launch Friday, September 16, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. at McCallum & Son’s Whiskey Company in downtown Tacoma. Guys & Dolls (party guests), dress in black or white cocktail attire or a combination of the two colors. If you and your friends would like to attend, tickets and full details are available at Those unable to participate in Tacoma are invited to join this online playdate. Wherever you are in the world, get together with your circle of friends and throughout the weekend, capture your playdate in pictures and post them on social media using the official hashtag #bwdollfriends. Follow Doll Party updates on their Instagram @blackandwhitedollaffair.


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In 2007, Dana Hill, founder of The Black Doll Affair and better known as Mama Doll, attended a doll test on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Horrified that black children choose the black doll as bad, ugly and least favorite, she created what was supposed to be a unique Christmas party to remind black women and girls of their worth. Now in its 16th season of doll giveaways and parties to empower women and girls and due to their philanthropic acts in communities across the country, the Black Dolls have been invited to the White House to receive the Service Award presidential term of President Barack Obama and were recognized by the late Congressman John Lewis and the Senate Chamber. They were invited to the Georgian capital to receive a proclamation for their own day on the calendar. They have become Black Barbie’s largest consumer group and diversity partners with the world’s largest doll store and manufacturer – Macy’s & Mattel. Wanting to change the look of models in top fashion magazines, Mama Doll created the “Modolls” program which placed The Black Dolls in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Essence and Oprah. Black dolls and their belongings feature in college textbooks on personal attributes. Mama Doll has brought in celebrities as honorary members to help publicize the Dolls and their cause, including Linda and Cheryl Brown of Brown vs. Board of Education; Naomi King – Dr. King’s sister-in-law; actress and author Gabrielle Union; the melanized goddess Khoudia Diop; ballerina Misty Copeland; Hollywood actor and producer Danny Strong; and actor and author Taye Diggs. Because of her work, Mama Doll has been named “Living Legacy” by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Inc. – founded by the creator of African American History Month. Blacks, Carter G. Woodson. When Prince Harry made Meghan Markle his princess, The Black Doll Affair movement took off internationally as ABC Primetime, Time Life and People Magazine featured them in their wedding documentary, “The Story of the Royals.” Each year, the first Saturday in December marks their “Black Doll USA Giveaways”. Learn more about Black Dolls and their online business at: