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Suspense visual novel Scar of the Doll remake announced for Switch

Mista Stories and Mamekujira have announced a remake of doll scara thriller visual novel originally developed in RPG Creator 95 and released in 1998. It will be launched for Switch this summer in Japan.

doll scar is considered a pioneering indie visual novel and has been a talking point for its psychologically compelling horror elements and highly dramatic storyline, even featured in a mystery magazine. The original game is currently available for PC via Steam in English and Japanese.

The remake will feature Hiroyuki Oshima’s “Tobu Yume o Mienai” as the main theme song; remastered versions of the original background music; major additions to the second half of the story, including a storyline told from a sub-character’s perspective; updated graphics, including characters and stills; and the ability to turn the game’s horror elements on or off.

Here is the synopsis of the story:

December. The last days of the year in Tokyo. Asumi Kamijou, who came alone to the city, is the protagonist of this story.

The story unfolds rapidly over the seven days between December 18 and 24.

Asumi had lost all contact with her older sister, who attends a high school in Tokyo. Worried, she travels to Tokyo to make sure her sister is safe.

However, there was no trace of her sister in her laboratory, nor in the apartment where she was to live. Lost, Asumi wonders what happened to her sister…

Asumi is determined to find her sister. But she has no way of knowing the horrors she is about to face.

As a psychotic horror that combines both intense drama and terror, doll scar is highly acclaimed in various circles. It attracts the player with an authentic storyline that has been featured in mystery magazines, expressive characters, and sounds that enhance the production.

Watch the trailer below. Visit the official site here.

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