Baby doll

Shyamalan’s ‘Servant’ Trailer Brings Creepy Doll to Apple TV+

Apple finally offers a complete offer trailer for M.Night Shyamalan Servant, and it’s as scary as you could hope for. The preview for the Apple TV+ series heightens the suspense as a couple, Dorothy and Sean, hire a nanny to look after the (eerily lifelike) doll they use to help Dorothy deal with the trauma of the loss of her newborn baby. It’s a weird enough situation on its own, but it threatens to get worse as it becomes clear that the nanny isn’t just an innocent helper. And that doesn’t include the strained relationship between Dorothy and Sean – what if Dorothy comes out of her delusion?

The series begins on November 28. It’s potentially one of the biggest additions to the Apple TV+ lineup. Besides being one of the first series to debut post-launch, it’s also Apple’s first thriller. And then there’s the matter of M. Night Shyamalan’s return to television. His track record for producing movies has been hit or miss, to say the least, but he hasn’t produced many TV shows either – will Servant fare better? The trailer suggests so, but Apple and Shyamalan will have a lot to prove with the full series.

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