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‘Russian Doll’ Season 2 Trailer: Natasha Lyonne Steps Back In Time Via NYC Subway (VIDEO) | Entertainment

A Russian doll Season 2 trailer. What a notion! Natacha Lyonne is sent back in time via a magic subway time portal in the first official trailer for the second season of the Emmy-winning series. netflix also shared the first look at Annie Murphy and Sharlto Copleythe characters from when it released the highly anticipated trailer on April 7.

The series finally returns on Wednesday, April 20. And instead of Nadia and by Charlie Barnett Alan’s life starts over each time they die, the ever-confusing universe now sends them to different time periods.

“Set four years after Nadia and Alan escaped the mortality time loop together, season two of Russian doll will continue to explore existential themes through an often humorous, sci-fi lens,” Netflix announced of Season 2.

Discovering a fate even worse than endless death, this season Nadia and Alan delve deeper into their past through an unexpected time portal set in one of Manhattan’s most notorious locations, the New York City Subway. continues the description. “At first, they experience this as an ever-expanding, era-crossing, intergenerational adventure, but they soon discover that this extraordinary event could be more than they bargained for, and together they must search for a way out.”

The trailer shows Nadia traveling through the subway’s mystifying time portal, trippy shots of Nadia and Alan falling in slow motion through some sort of dark tunnel, and of course, it features some iconic one-liners meant for meme treatment.

“Are you a time traveler?” one person asks Nadia, to which she replies in her sly New York accent, “I prefer the term prisoner in time.”

Another great line: “The universe has finally found something worse than death. I broke time.

Lyonne co-created the black comedy with Amy Poehler and Pointe Leslye. Lyonne is showrunner and executive producer on Russian doll Season 2.

Joining her and Barnett in the cast are returning stars Greta Lee, Chloe Sevigny, Dasha Polanco, Rebecca HendersonElizabeth Ashley, Yul Vazquez, and more.

Here, check out the first photos of Murphy and Copley’s characters.

Annie Murphy in a mystery role


Few details have been shared about Murphy’s role in upcoming episodes. But the new photo – with her big hair and equally big glasses – implies she’ll be from the 1970s or 1980s.

Sharlto Copley as Chez

Russian doll Sharlto Copley as Chez, Natasha Lyonne as Nadia Vulvokov

Vanessa Clifton/Netflix

At Copley, it also looks like it comes from the 1970s or 1980s.

Russian doll is produced by Alex Buono, Poehler (Paper Kite Productions), Headland, Lilly Burns (Jax Media), Tony Hernandez (Jax Media), Dave Becky (3 Arts), Kate Arend (Paper Kite Productions), Regina Corrado and Allison Silverman. The series is produced by Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group.

Russian dollSeason 2 premiere, Wednesday, April 20, Netflix

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