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“Russian Doll” and 6 of Natasha Lyonne’s Coolest Best Performances

Natacha Lyonne has graced our screens since she was six years old. Now 43 years old, Lyonne has built a more than impressive and truly eclectic filmography. Ranging from Netflix originals to Marvel movies to cult classics, there’s no doubting how cool Lyonne is.

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Beyond her acting career, Lyonne has taken on roles behind the camera, writing, starring and recently directing the second season of the netflix original series Russian doll. Time and again, beloved indie queen Lyonne shows her ability to captivate and humorously entertain us in a lifetime of exceptional and rebellious roles.


‘Anti-Birth’ (2016)

One of the most sinister entries of Lyonne’s career, Anti-Birth, is a gruesome, drug-fueled horror film written and directed by Danny Perez. Reckless stoner Lou (Lyonne) finds herself spiraling after a mysterious illness and hallucinations hinting at a small-town conspiracy consume her life.

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A non-stop horror festival from start to finish, Anti-Birth throws Lyonne into the limelight as she performs alongside a career mate Chloe Sevigny once again, both actresses deliver chilling performances as Lou’s mind and body begin to change. Not a movie to watch on a full stomach.

‘Orange is the New Black’ (2013-2019)

One of Netflix’s oldest and most successful shows, Orange is the new black, initially follows Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), a seemingly “normal” thirtysomething who is sentenced to fifteen months in Litchfield, a minimum-security women’s prison, for a crime she committed ten years earlier. The series features fantastic performances from Laura Prepon, Danielle Brooks, Uzo Aduba, and Laverne Coxto only cite a few.

Spanning seven seasons, the heart of ILONBThe greatness of lies in the incredible stories of women it portrays episode after episode, season after season. The ensemble cast showcases a ray of talent, with the iconic Lyonne ever so charming in her role as Nicky Nicholas, a recovering Jewish and lesbian drug addict who provides more than enough comic relief as events unfold. and prison life deteriorates.

‘Blade Trinity’ (2004)

The third and final installation in the Blade film series, Blade Trinity, follows Wesley Snipes as he reprises his role as the legendary comic book vampire. Now wanted by the FBI, Blade is forced to team up with a group of monster hunters to defeat his greatest threat yet, the vampire king Dracula. With the new MCU adaptation of Blade Set to begin filming in the coming weeks, the original films are considered one of the most notable adaptations of the pre-Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Like any good naughty movie, Blade Trinity has a random array of talents, Ryan Reynolds to a stellar performance of Jessica Biel and even including a cameo from a notable wrestler Triple H. Lyonne is cast as a blind single mother and a scientist wearing a power suit named Sommerfield. An essential member of the vampire resistance, this performance translates into another crazy addition to his decades-long filmography.

“Party Monster” (2004)

In the 1990s, Michael Alig, a “Club Kid” organizer, finds his life shattered after he murders his drug-dealing boyfriend and brags about it on television, party monster is a cult classic of queer cuties. Macaulay Culkin gives it all as Michael, backed by a stellar performance from seth green as James St James, Alig’s former best friend.

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Lyonne only appears in a small role, a club brat recruited for the group’s chaotic run of debauchery and criminality. She stars alongside iconic indie it girl Chloë Sevigny as party monster displays the scintillating and gruesome consequences of Michael’s actions. One of the coolest and most bizarre forgotten films of the past, Lyonne once again features in a beloved cult classic.

“But I’m a Cheerleader” (1999)

One of the best coming-of-age comedies of the 90s, But I’m a cheerleader focuses on the ridiculousness of conversion therapy and the importance of queer self-acceptance. Realized by Jamie Babbit, But I’m a cheerleader follows Megan, an unconscious teenager sent to a conversion therapy center for “treatment”. Cute, comical and beyond charismatic, this teen flick is moving from start to finish.

Of all the roles Lyonne has devoted herself to, none are as comedic and wonderfully satirical as her performance as undercover lesbian Megan in this queer cult classic. Babbit’s colorful and witty take on the horrifying subject of queer rehabilitation instantly made this film an unforgettable classic, impossible without Lyonne’s graceful presence.

‘The Slums of Beverly Hills’ (1998)

Written and directed by Tamara Jenkins, Beverly Hills Slums is a shrewd coming-of-age comedy that deals with class, sexuality and late 70s American culture. A fantastic piece of forgotten cinema, Beverly Hills Slums features Lyonne in one of her most notable roles.

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In the summer of 1976, Vivian (Lyonne), a middle-class teenager, struggles to cope with her family of neurotic nomads and their itinerant lifestyle. Dealing with the woes of adolescence, poverty and homelessness, Lyonne shines as the most important character of it all.

‘Russian Doll’ (2019-2022)

Perhaps one of the coolest groundhog day riffs from recent years, Russian doll centers on the cynical party girl Nadia (Lyonne), doomed to die and repeat the same party every night. Between time travel and trauma, Lyonne proclaims her talent and her charms through this raw and real story of self-realization.

With an all-star cast, Lyonne is working alongside Sevigny again. The series also features phenomenal supporting performances from Charlie Barnett as Alan, Nadia’s anxious time-traveling counterpart, and Elizabeth Ashley as Ruth, Nadia’s much-needed support and acting surrogate.

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