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Prima Doll Main Trailer Reveals July 8 Premiere

The next Prima doll Key anime has released its main trailer, which accompanies the announcement of a Japanese premiere on July 8. It was also revealed that the first episode will air in advance on ABEMA on July 3.

A key visual featuring the five main characters was also released.

The new trailer provides another introduction to the main cast of characters and previews the opening song “Tin Toy Melody” from Black cat (which consists of the main voice actors). Unlike the previous March trailer, the new video offers a look at the series’ more serious side, in addition to the lighthearted elements, with snippets of conflict and several moody shots shown.

Besides the premiere date, it was announced that there will be two manga based on the anime. Prima Doll: New Orderdrawn by Yuriko Asami and written by Touya Okanowill be serialized in Dengeki G’s magazine, while Prima doll: Youkoso Kuronekotei e~ of Hiroki Toda will be serialized on Comic Bushiroad Web. Additionally, a drama CD is set to go on sale on November 30 with a regular edition and a limited edition.

Prima doll follows five self-contained mechanical dolls, or automatons, who work in a cafe called Kuronekotei on the corner of the Imperial Capital’s Fifth District. Once used as weapons in a war that ended several years ago, the automatons are now restored and dressed in shiny kimonos to fit in the post-war era of peace.

©VISUAL ARTS / Key / BAS・プリマドール製作委員会

The anime staff includes tenshou (Mosaic Kin-iro, The Fruit of Grisaia) as director, Okano (Kaginado screenwriter) and Kai (Kaginado screenwriter) as composers and screenwriters of series, and Akane Yano (Lower level character Tomozaki) as animation director and character designer. Serving as original character designers are NaGa, Fuzichoco, Yui Hara, In Morikuraand lack respectively.

Other staff include Makoto Ishiwata (Obsolete mechanical designer) as the original mechanical designer and Miyake Masakazu (Sabikui cookie) as artistic director. VISUAL ARTS and Key are credited with the original concept, while Bibury Animation Studios is the animation production company.

Meanwhile, the main cast includes Azumi Waki like Haizakura, Tomori Kusonoki like Karasuba, Miyu Tomita like Gekka, Yuki Nakashima like Houkiboshi, Akari Kitō like Retzel, Ayumu Murase like Nagi Toma, Misaki Kuno like Chiyo, and Ayaka Suwa like Otome Okunomiya.

Source: Prima doll website