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Pokemon Legends: Arceus – 18 Request Guide (Please! Make Me A Pokeshi Doll!)

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Crafting is a new game mechanic added to the Pokemon world in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Instead of having to run to the Pokemon Center to buy potions or Poke Balls, players can instead craft the necessary items as long as they have the required ingredients in their inventory. These ingredients can be gathered in the five regions of Hisui, but the most common ones such as Apricorns can be purchased from the craft store in Jubilife Village.

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As players progress Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ , optional side queries/quests will be available. Completing certain requests can unlock new crafting recipes. One of the first recipes is given as a reward for “Request 18: Please! Make me a Pokeshi Doll!”

Where to Find Pokeshi Doll Crafting Ingredients

Request 18 is given by Anvin, the owner of the craft store in Jubilife Village. Once players receive the crafting kit from Akari/Rei and begin Mission 5, they will be able to accept requests from villagers around Jubilife Village. Among them is Anvin, who wants a Pokeshi doll. It will require players to gather three pieces of wood, which can be found right from Aspiration Hill in the Obsidian Fields.

This is a fairly simple task that involves crafting the Pokeshi Doll and giving it to Anvin. Unfortunately, despite the presence of trees everywhere in the Obsidian Fields, they can only be harvested from specific locations.

To the southwest of Aspiration Hill, players can find a log or two of wood. Since these ingredients only spawn once (like the Berry and Apricorn trees), players will need to return to Jubilife Village to reset the materials. Alternatively, they can start Mission 5 and cross the bridge that leads to Deertrack Heights. Go left after the bridge to follow the river. There will be a wood log where Wild Buizel can be found.

(refer to the image above for exact locations)

Once the players have three wooden logs, return to Jubilife Village to craft the Pokeshi Doll at the crafting table. Give this to Anvin and he’ll give his own Pokeshi Doll as a reward, completing the request.

Where to Use Pokeshi Dolls

Pokeshi dolls are absolutely useless items in battle. They cannot be used like the Poke dolls/toys, which would allow players to run away from wild Pokemon. Instead, Pokeshi dolls can be sold in any market for 1,000 poke dollars.

Once players can enter space-time warps or get the Star Coin crafting recipe, they will get valuable treasures like Comet Shards and Nuggets, which sell for a much higher price than the Star Coins. Pokeshi dolls. However, when starting out in Legends: Arceusmaking and selling Pokeshi dolls is a quick way to get some extra cash.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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