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Pokemon Fan Hooks Awesome Meganium Doll

Crocheting Pokemon is a hot trend right now, with one fan garnering thousands of likes for his awesome take on Meganium.


Pokemon not only has one of the most devoted fan bases of all time, but also one of the most artistically creative. This can be seen through the near constant stream of fans posting their Pokemon-related artwork across a variety of mediums. Arguably the most prolific of these mediums, at least for now, seems to be crochet, with one fan receiving a lot of attention for his impressive crochet version of Meganium.

The final evolution of popular starter Chikorita, Meganium evolves from Bayleef starting at level 32. Meganium is unfortunately not in the long-running franchise’s latest video game entry, Pokemon Legends: Arceusbut Johto’s rookie colleague Cyndaquil is one of the Pokemon‘s three starters.


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Posted on r/Pokemon, a user with the handle u/jillianjiggs92 is going viral for his adorable crocheted version of the Johto region Meganium. The crochet creation is a perfect interpretation of the docile Grass type, with each element executed with excellent precision. The coloring of Meganium’s skin, antennae, and petals appear to be identical to canon, as do the Pokemon’s overall dimensions. What sets it apart from other crochet Pokemon is the attention to detail, with the majority of aspects resembling a professional product. Tying the whole scene together is the verdant surroundings of Meganium.

Fans were quick to praise the Pokemon fan for their amazing creation, with things like “I honestly don’t think this could have been done better” filling out the comments section of the post. The same page has been a hotbed for crocheted Pokemon lately, with another fan going viral a few days earlier for their adorable versions of Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander. While they might not be as game/anime accurate as Meganium, the three iconic starters from the Kanto region have an undeniably cute charm, with each of the Pokemon holding little crocheted pokeballs.

While the Pokemon fandom always seems to produce artistic creations, it seems to have increased quite a bit recently. This could be due to the upcoming Pokemon Day, which officially takes place on February 27. The annual Celebration Day festivities will include a variety of revelations related to Pokemon‘s many games. PokemonThe official Japanese Twitter account has revealed that daily announcements are being made for a number of ongoing titles in the franchise, including Pokemon TCG, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Coffee Mix, and more.

The impressive crocheted Meganium certainly deserves all the attention it gets, and is yet another shining example of the artistic creativity of the Pokemon fandom is. whether digital Pokemon art or physics, it’s safe to say that fan-made creations aren’t going to stop anytime soon.

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