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Pokemon Eevee comes to life with an adorable realistic doll

A Pokemon fan brings the popular Eevee from Generation 1 to life with a custom-made doll that shows off the adorable fox creature in a more realistic style.

A talented Pokemon brought the adorable Eevee to life like never before with a custom-made doll that shows what the cute fox-like creature would look like in the real world. Players first encountered Eevee in the original Pokemon Red and Blue games that took the world by storm in the late 90s, and since then he’s become a popular member of Nintendo’s ever-growing assortment of collectible monsters – so much so that he’s served as a cover mascot of 2018 Pokémon: Let’s go, Eevee! for the Nintendo Switch. Eevee was also the subject of a special Pokemon GO Last summer, the Community Day event, and the adorable dog then took to the stage alongside Pikachu as the balloon in the 2021 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


What really sets Eevee apart from other Pokémon is how it can evolve into one of several different elemental forms under different conditions, with new evolutions being added with almost every new generation. However, there are many Pokemon fans who prefer to keep their Eevee in its default fluffy stadium, which Pokemon designer Motofumi Fujiwara was inspired by a chance encounter with a “nondescript creature” in a forest when he was a kid. Of course, fans have created lots of awesome artwork and artwork based on Eevee and its evolutions, including some cool concept art for items that the Eevee line not yet included.

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YouTube doll maker and sculptor KaypeaCreations (who has already created an impressive rendition of Houndoom among other game characters like animal crossing and Okami) recently uploaded a video showing off their cute and lifelike Eevee doll, which they chose after asking viewers what Pokémon they wanted to see sculpted next. After humorously cutting out a brief photo of their dog, KaypeaCreations begins by tweaking an existing 3D model on their computer to better resemble Eevee’s head. From there, they modify a canine paw from another project to be more “Hug,” and then print the parts on a 3D printer. Once the resin is cured, KaypeaCreations gets to work constructing an armature skeleton from plastic pieces – which they glue to the legs and head before wrapping a quilt around it to form the body of Eevee, as shown in the Pokemon Games. Next is Eevee’s fur, which KaypeaCreations wraps and sows around the body before shaving it to the appropriate thickness with a pet razor and a pair of scissors for finer detail. Finally, KaypeaCreations uses an airbrush to give Eevee some tonal variation before finally showing off the finished doll in all its cute and fluffy glory.

Earlier this year, Nintendo announced that the main line Pokemon games will enter a new generation with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet on the Nintendo Switch, and some fans have already started theorizing that a new Eevee form will come with it. Fueling this speculation is the appearance of another Eevee in Pokemon Journeys – and Eevee from past seasons of the long run Pokemon anime tends to take on all new forms that debut in the sequel Pokemon Game. In the meantime, The Pokemon trading card game is more than happy to release new cards based on Eevee and its many existing evolutions.

Indeed, the Eevee baseline remains one of the most emblematic Pokemon over there, and KaypeaCreations’ latest house doll perfectly captures her adorable, fuzzy design in a more realistic style. It may be the closest Pokemon players could see an actual Eevee and shows how Nintendo’s famous monster-collecting RPG franchise draws its best influences from the various creatures that can already be discovered in the wild.

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Source: KaypeaCreations/YouTube

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