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Overwatch 2 Fan Makes Adorable Crochet Echo Doll

Echo’s futuristic design is turned into a crochet doll by a talented Overwatch 2 fan, and the results are both adorable and awe-inspiring.

A Monitor 2 fan recently showed off her artistic skills and love for Echo by making a detailed crochet doll of the hero. While the character’s futuristic design stands out in Monitor 2her design also converted surprisingly well into crochet art.

Even though the original Surveillance featured a number of notable additions to its roster after launch, Echo has the distinction of being the latest addition to the original game. While three new heroes have been added to Monitor 2 since then, Echo is still a character that can be dominant on the battlefield if used correctly. As part of the damage role, she is gifted with several abilities that allow her to have a significant impact on the game, most notably her duplicate ability which allows her to take the form of other heroes and copy their abilities.


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However, despite the ability to change his appearance to copy that of other heroes, his standard white and blue design is just as striking. On Reddit, an artist called MikaD0000 decided to copy the drawing of Echo into a crochet doll and shared it for the rest of the Monitor 2 community to see. While the doll was tiny, she had a huge cuteness factor. The Reddit user has impressively included every major design aspect of the hero, including his pair of white wings. One thing that made the doll even more adorable were the artist’s chosen blue eyes, as well as the overly large head they used compared to the rest of her body.

Echo crochet doll

Many players on the Monitor 2 subreddit couldn’t help but notice how cute this Echo crochet doll is. In fact, the post already has over 1.7,000 upvotes, with many fans commenting on how adorable the damaged character design is. “It’s the cutest little thing!…until it teleports you to 50 HP,” one user joked, referencing Echo’s focusing beam in Monitor 2, which deals high damage to weak targets. Also, some fans liked the design so much that they wanted one of their own. Luckily, MikaD0000 revealed in the Reddit comments that they are selling the crochet doll pattern on their Etsy for those who want to make one for themselves.

While this crochet Echo doll is undoubtedly adorable, it’s not the only fan art MikaD0000 has shared on the internet. In addition to this design, they previously made a crochet Widowmaker. Additionally, they have made crochet dolls from popular game franchises such as Pokemon and Genshin Impact. It will be interesting to see what the artist crochets next. With 35 characters on the Monitor 2 list, maybe they will make even more heroes of the famous team hero shooter.

Monitor 2 is available in early access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Reddit