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Omeretta Gets BF’s Name Tattoo, Asian Doll Defends Her Against Backlash

It would be the sixth tattoo dedicated to her boyfriend who would be serving a 27-year sentence.

All she wanted to do was show off her latest tattoo, but Omeretta became the target of backlash. The rapper and love and hip hop star, like millions of others, visited her tattoo artist and got some new ink. Omeretta has displayed her reported sixth tattoo of her boyfriend, Ta’Byron Smith, who is believed to be serving a 27-year sentence for robbery. The shadow room reported that Smith was charged with robbing nine Asian-owned stores in the Atlanta area.

Almost immediately after the news was shared, Omeretta found her trending name online. The rapper chimed in to say that her boyfriend also has a lot of tattoos of his name.

“I can’t believe people are so crazy about certain tattoos,” Omeretta wrote. “It’s crazy for me, especially because I always post my bullshit.” She added, “Okay, I’m a ghetto bitch, so what do you do everyday to create fake aesthetics out of the ‘ghetto b*tch’ persona, but make fun of the real thing, y’all are slow hoes.”

Asian Doll knows a thing or two about dedicating skin art to someone you love because she has multiple King Von tattoos, including a portrait of her face.

“You good band [blueheart emoji] I also got mine tattooed 6 times,” Doll said. “Some people just express their love for others, that’s all.” It didn’t stop there, because people didn’t let go. taken and attacked the two women.