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Nicky Doll Talks New Music, Returning to All Stars, and Upcoming Documentary

Good morning! Nicky Doll is here to kill.

The Queen took part in the 12th season of RuPaul’s Drag Racewhich ultimately led to his current gig as host of Drag Race France.

Recently picked up for a second season, the Queen is still thrilled with the show’s success.

“Three years ago, you would have told me that a French queen would have been on RuPaul’s Drag Race to start [and] I would have had a hard time believing you. But, now that there is Drag Race France and I’m the host and we’ve already crowned the winner, it’s pretty crazy. I am so happy and so humbled. I’m so excited for people all over the world to watch, so that’s awesome,” Doll said. PRIDE.

As she thrives in the television space, Doll is now diving into the music industry with her latest single “Attention.”

“Initially I wanted to start making music before doing drag, then I realized that music is a rich man’s game. It’s hard to really surround yourself with the right team, to earn enough money. money to inject it into the passion that you have. So I started dragging because I still have that artistic streak that I wanted to explore, and now that I’ve managed to have enough resources and enough people around me who can help me create magic, I’ve created my own music and it feels like a full circle moment, plus as a queen performing other people’s art, it’s amazing to finally be able to interpret mine. I was really happy about that.

It’s safe to say that the French queen has a busy schedule at the moment. However, she is not opposed to returning to the labor room of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars.

“I’m open to that. From now on, I’m focusing on my art. When I feel like challenging myself again, maybe I will. From now on, I’m really happy with what I do and I’m so busy so I really don’t know where I could squeeze it in. Never say never!”

Although new music and hosting drag race may seem like dream jobs, Doll gave exclusively PRIDE a teaser on an as yet undisclosed project.

“I’m manifesting something else. You’ve seen me perform on stage, you’ve seen me compete, you’ve seen me host a competition, but I think I really want to venture more into docuseries and do a documentary on art and drag. I’m working on that right now and I’m flying to India soon to start the first episode of a docuseries I’m working on. That’s the only thing I’ll tell you I will manifest this project soon on your screen.”

Before leaving for India, the Queen also had to end her current partnership with Aspercreme. As a queen on the go, she encourages everyone to use the popular product for pain relief.

“We all know we’ve been stuck at home with slippers, flip flops, pajamas for years. Now people just want to hang out, have fun, wear heels and go dancing. We’ve actually realized that ‘Aspercreme was a great way to ease the pain. Who better than a queen always at a fashion week, hosting a drag race franchise, and always on stage to be its spokesperson?”

To see the exclusive PRIDE interview with Nicky Doll, watch the video below.