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New series of children’s paper doll storybooks launched on Kickstarter

The first World History Paper Dolls book project received $1,000 from the Creative Capital x Skoll Creator Fund on the first day of Latinx Heritage Month

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September 19, 2022 2:00 p.m. EDT

NEW YORK, September 19, 2022 ( –
The World History Paper Dolls, a planned series of educational and beautiful paper doll storybooks that help children ages 6-14 learn about diverse cultures and history through play, has launched its first book project on Kickstarter. On September 15, the first day of Latinx Heritage Month, creator Cristina Valverde was thrilled the project received a $1,000 pledge from the Creative Capital x Skoll Creator Fund, which supports innovative and impactful Kickstarter projects by Asians. , Black, Native, and Latinx designers.

The first World History Paper Doll book is a full-color 110-page book about Mama Ocllo Coya, the coya (empress) of Tawantinsuyu (the Inca Empire) in 1491. The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise at least $10,000 by October 5 2022 to finance the first printing of the book. Kickstarter supporters can pledge to three different levels of support. On the first level, supporters will receive a copy of the book, which arrives in a special storage folder that kids can use to store the paper doll, her clothes and her accessories. Tier two supporters will also receive a poster version of an Inca family tree. At the third level, supporters will also receive a digital educational guide explaining how parents and teachers can use the book to teach children about Inca history.

As a Bolivian American, Cristina started the series in Tawantinsuyu because her ancestors started there, but the series will continue with future paper doll books about the life stories of other real people from diverse cultures living in 1491. “Part of the inspiration for the creation of this book was my very distinct recollection of spending an entire class year in college learning exactly how European feudalism worked. Why should children of diverse ancestry themselves- same being taught so extensively and exclusively about life in medieval Europe, but not about life in medieval Europe. places European culture in children’s minds as the default of what it means to learn history. These books are an effort to help change that.”

About World History Paper Dolls

World History Paper Dolls is a planned series of paper doll story books that help children ages 6-14 learn about various cultures and history through play. Each paper doll book features the story of the life and culture of a historical figure, as well as their paper doll, clothing and accessories based on real objects and art from that culture, and an illustrated glossary of terms. The books are created in collaboration with artists and scholars of the living culture taught. Children can grow in each World History Paper Doll book, as there are special chapters for younger readers (6+) and older readers (10+).

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