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Natasha Lyonne Calls ‘Russian Doll’ Season 2 Her ‘Pink Floyd Season’

The creator and Emmy-winning Netflix comedy star shared how the famous British psychedelic rock band helped shape Season 2.

It’s no secret that music plays a huge role in the Netflix comedy “Russian Doll.” IndieWire even chatted with the show’s music supervisor Brienne Rose and composer Joe Wong recently about how tracks like Nena’s “99 Luftballoons” and Bauhaus’ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” played a big part in the adventure. captivating Timewarp from Season 2.

However, creator and star Natasha Lyonne considers the recent string of episodes to be defined by one group in particular. “I think it’s Pink Floyd season,” the star said, appearing via Zoom like her co-star Chloe Sevigny at the show’s FYC event on Saturday in Los Angeles. Rose, who was there in person alongside moderator Maya Rudolph, executive producer Amy Poehler, costume designer Jennifer Rogien and actors Charlie Barnett, Greta Lee, Annie Murphy and Carolyn Michelle Smith, explained how to include two songs from the prominent British psychedelic rock band was one of their biggest wins this season. “I think they’re extraordinarily careful about what projects they want to line up with, and we were very, very excited to be able to get that,” the music supervisor said.

Lyonne explained that before the writers room even met for season 2, she randomly listened to “If” from the band’s 1970 album “Atom Heart Mother,” and it gave her an idea of the direction she wanted the series to go. show likes the lineage, and he likes the idea of ​​”I’m a weird loop”. He likes the idea of ​​coming back to something. And so there was something very specific about Pink Floyd that felt like, ‘Well, let’s go. It’s Pink Floyd season. It will be dense and complex. And it’s going to have a ton of heart, and it’s going to try to tell you a little bit about what it’s like to be a person in a really big, lyrical way,” said the writer and actress, who was nominated for three Emmys. for Season 1.” And also in a very small [way]all kinds of Easter eggs, you know.

Lyonne added that while “The Thin Ice,” a track from Pink Floyd’s iconic project “The Wall,” which is used in a scene from Episode 5 of “Russian Doll” Season 2 where Nadia (Lyonne) walks by through different train carriages in different time periods, felt like a given she wasn’t expecting to use a cut of Pink Floyd again in the final sequence. “We thought it would be Laurie Anderson, ‘Oh, Superman,'” Lyonne said of the song she thought she was playing as Nadia rushed into present-day Manhattan to reunite with her chosen family once again. “But strangely, even when we put Laurie Anderson there, that wasn’t how we felt in the writers room designing it.”

She and Rose had replaced Anderson’s song with ones by Curtis Mayfield, and even Harry Nilsson, Season 1’s most famous artist. “There were all these different ideas going around, ‘Oh, we should go back to the band Love for the end,’ and it’s just that the show wanted its Pink Floyd back,” Lyonne said. Season 2 of “Russian Doll” ended with the epic track from Pink Floyd’s 1975 album “Wish You Were Here.”

Season 2 of “Russian Doll” is now streaming on Netflix.

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