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Monster High Dracula Tribute Doll on Mattel Creations June 3


Monster High is back, and after a relaunch of the brand at Walmart earlier in May, there’s a special-edition doll fans should go wild for on June 3 on Mattel Creations. A Universal Monsters tribute doll of Dracula will go on sale at noon EST Friday, part of the Monster High Skullector line. Man, that name is awesome. Doll comes with the patented red and black cape, tuxedo and medallion.

Photographer Jason Tidwell
Stylist Machiko Tanaka

Monster High is back with a vengeance

On June 3, Mattel Creations, Mattel’s e-commerce and content platform for creators, collaborations, and innovators, will launch the all-new Monster High Skullector doll, Dracula, inspired by Universal’s classic monsters. The spooky and cool limited edition doll, in collaboration with Universal Pictures, reimagines the iconic Dracula! Following the previous sold out releases of Skullector from Beetlejuice and Lydia, Pennywise from IT Chapter Two, the Grady Twins from The Shining and Greta Gremlin from Gremlins. Cinema’s most famous vampire comes to life as a new doll in the Monster High Skullector series. The Monster High Skullector series revisits the classic 1931 Universal Pictures horror film “Dracula” with the new doll. Mattel Creations designers paid homage to the original vampire with the iconic black cape, medallion and black tuxedo, but then added long, silky black hair and fantastical detailing.”

We found all the Monster High Dolls reissues at Walmart the other day, and my nine-year-old son has been playing with them non-stop and coming back for more. It would be more for a display piece and a great one at that. We’ve already cleared a spot in our collection room for the doll, right in the middle of our Universal Monsters shelf. Now hopefully we can get our hands on it. We’ll be there with everyone frantically trying to snatch one up this Friday when it goes on sale at Mattel Creations.

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