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Michigan woman recycles doll’s body parts to make planters

LANSING, Mich. – Get into the Halloween spirit with doll planters.

Laurel Vinton of Lansing is the doll planters mother. The Central Michigan native started making these planters five years ago as a hobby using her children’s dolls. Since. Vinton has raised eyebrows at craft shows across the state.

baby head planters (Baby Head Planters)

The craftswoman was looking for a hobby that involved making cool stuff for her garden. A friend recommended that she take up mold making, and with Vinton’s interest in more abstract art, she experimented with doll parts.

“My kids weren’t thrilled with them, but it’s okay because they don’t use them [dolls] more,” mother Lansing said. The craftsman has collected dolls over the years from thrift stores and garage sales.

Vinton takes the doll’s heads, feet and arms and creates a silicone mold of the body parts. From there, each mold is filled with wet cement. The planters are completely solid and have no drainage holes. Vinton uses cement because it absorbs excess water which can prevent your plants from root rot.

baby head planters (Baby Head Planters)

There are many ways to dress up these plants, from chia seeds to a pearl necklace, there are many ways to personalize your new plant child.

“Baby heads can be cute and scary. We started painting them to look like little zombies,” Vinton said.

Baby doll planters can be found at a variety of plant stores in Lansing. Vinton and her husband also sell planters at the Festival of Oddities and other local craft events.

baby head planters (Baby Head Planters)

For more information on these planters, you can check out Baby Head Planter’s Facebook page or head to their Instagram account @babyheadplanters.

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