Rag doll

Man Plans His Dream Rag Doll Wedding After Starting His Family

A guy who was sick of being single has now started a family with a rag doll and says he’s planning his dream wedding. Fair enough. You can see them together here:

The man, who documents his unconventional relationship on TikTok under the handle @montbk5959, says he spent years single before finding love with the doll he named Natalia.

According to their clips, the couple recently celebrated their first anniversary together; Well, suppose it’s pretty hard to fall out when only one of you can communicate.

In videos showing their relationship, the guy can be seen going out for walks and shopping with Natalia, who even met her family.

Credit: Jam Press

But it’s not just the pair – there are also a few rag doll children. Other videos show a man doing the usual fatherly tasks such as getting dressed, helping with homework and relaxing while watching TV.

However, not everyone is happy for the dude and his standout setup — so much so that he’s even had to disable comments on some of his clips due to nasty remarks from strangers online.

Speaking to the camera about his new family unit to his 9,000 followers, he said: “If it weren’t for the dolls I would be lonelier than anyone. At least I have something .”

In another video, he says: “With my little girl, we watch TV and talk about everything.

“They don’t know how much I love her, I’ve spent this whole year with her. I plan to get married.”

Credit: Jam Press
Credit: Jam Press

Believe it or not, this man isn’t the first to fall head over heels in love with a rag doll and decide to start a family.

And it was love at first sight for Meirivone, 37, who got hitched to the doll and had a rag baby.

Speaking earlier this year, she said: “He doesn’t fight with me, he doesn’t argue and he just understands me. Marcelo is a wonderful and faithful husband. He’s such a man and all women l envy.

“When my mother created Marcelo and first introduced him to me, I fell in love with him. It was love at first sight.

“It’s because I didn’t have a forró dancer. I was going to these dances but I couldn’t always find a partner. Then he came into my life and everything made sense.

“The wedding was a wonderful day for me, very important, very emotional. It rained a lot but it was wonderful.”