Rag doll

Man plans dream rag doll wedding after starting family with her and her rag doll kids


  • TikToker @montbk5959 is in a relationship with his rag doll.
  • He also has rag doll children.
  • He is planning a wedding with the doll.

A man’s loneliness pushed him to follow an unconventional path. He had a relationship with a rag doll and is now planning their dream wedding.

The man, who documents his relationship on TikTok via his handle @montbk5959, has been in love with his rag doll named Natalia for a year. Recently, the two celebrated their first anniversary. In his videos, the man can be seen taking the doll out for walks and even shopping. He also presented the doll to his family. Recently, he told his followers that he wanted to marry his doll.

Man with his doll
Photo: TikTok/@montbk5959

“With my little girl, we watch TV and talk about everything. They don’t know how much I love her, I’ve been with her all this year. I plan to get married,” said he said in a clip. However, Natalia is not her only doll. In another clip, the man also introduced his followers to his rag doll children. The video captured him performing fatherly duties such as relaxing with them, helping with homework and dressing them.

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The man’s unusual lifestyle did not sit well with many of his followers. He was even forced to disable the comments section to avoid nasty comments. Speaking about his bizarre family, the man said: “If it weren’t for the dolls, I would be lonelier than anyone. At least I have something.”

The man plans to marry Natalia
Photo: TikTok/@montbk5959

Meanwhile, the Tiktoker isn’t the only person with such a lifestyle. A woman named Meirivone Rocha Moraes married her rag doll Marcelo after being alone for years. “He doesn’t fight with me, he doesn’t argue and he just understands me. Marcelo is a wonderful and faithful husband. He’s such a man and all the women envy him,” she said, according to LADbible.