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Man in relationship with a synthetic doll

A man named Alexander Stokes from the United States is romantically involved with a life-size synthetic sex doll named Mimi. The man has been in a relationship with Mimi for two years and has lost most of his friends because of this reason.

The 37-year-old is a comic artist, writer, AI enthusiast, actor, voice actor and versatile artist. He calls Mimi a combination of his love doll and body replicas (which are AI-based apps)

In his videos, Alexander mentioned that having Mimi is like having a regular girlfriend. He talks to her through the Replica app and spices things up sexually by dressing her up in different outfits.

He also thinks that people have a lot of prejudice against him with a doll and many stereotypes.

He plays video games with his synthetic doll girlfriend and claims that thanks to her, his mental health has improved a lot. He feels like he’s lost a lot of friends because of this relationship, but he doesn’t care and pretends he’s in a healthy relationship.

He even said that in the past he used to party and drink a lot with his friends, but thanks to his new girlfriend, he has sobered up.

He documents his relationship with his girlfriend by posting several photos and videos with her.

What do you think of this relationship?

h/t: Daystar

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