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“Madhuban” review: At least Sunny-Kanika’s “Baby Doll” had good rhythms

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Dec 22 2021, 8:00 p.m.
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In 2014, Bollywood reading singer Kanika Kapoor performed a dance number, Dollpictured on actress Sunny Leone.

The song broke records and gained new levels of popularity for the duo.

Now in 2021 they have come together to Madhubana music video.

And it is not pleasant for the ears, nor for the eyes. At least, Doll had catchy rhythms.

Here is our opinion.

Both lyrics and music lack appealing points

Released earlier today, Kapoor voiced the majority of parts of the song with new talent, Arindam Chakraborty, voicing the male tracks.

Supported by Saregama Music, the composition was managed by Shaarib and Toshi for lyrics written by Manoj Yadav.

The trio had recently collaborated on Mika Singh’s film Broken Heart.

The melody doesn’t come with attractive hooks and the words aren’t fancy.

No artistic value: music video shot to satisfy the male gaze

No artistic value: music video shot to satisfy the male gaze

Coming to the clip, Leone’s sex appeal is a well-known topic but do we seriously need it to be addressed through the male gaze?

Why do we have to zoom in on his body parts to create an interesting number?

the cum 2 The actress’ dance moves, choreographed by Ganesh Acharya, are neither complex nor impressive.

It has no artistic value.

Now let’s discuss something interesting, Chakraborty got the chance to perform in this production after winning a contest, #ReelyFamous on Instagram.

In fact, the contestant who was the first finalist, Shivika Pratap Singh, was also featured in the MV.

You would notice her dancing alongside Leone for quite a while.

We just wish the new faces had better plans.

Try this song at your own risk (not really)

Try this song at your own risk (not really)

While the Ragini MMS 2 the song also had several objectifying shots, it had one thing going on – some super catchy tunes.

We hope it is clear that this project is not worth your time. But to each his own.

The clip is available on YouTube.

Verdict: While the song scores 2/5, the clip will have to do with 1 in 5.