Baby doll

Lowellville’s Mt. Carmel Festival celebrating 126 years of the famous “doll dance”

LOWELLVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) – The crowds have been huge at the Mt. Carmel Festival in Lowellville so far this year. People are apparently using all of their energy saved from COVID-19 restrictions to attend festivals.

The main attraction of the Lowellville festival is the annual doll dance, a tradition that dates back to Italy. This year is its 126th year.

Last year they decided to hold it anyway, even without the whole crowd.

“We wanted to keep this tradition. We kind of had a private last year because we thought it was the year. It was 125 years last year and we really didn’t want to give up on that, so we kind of did our little private thing. In a COVID year, like, we have to do this, you know? But that’s the tradition. It has been around for a long time. A few places are doing it now – within a 75 mile radius there are maybe 200 clubs that are doing it, but everywhere else… nobody is doing it. It’s very unique for a club to keep this tradition alive, you know we’re very lucky to keep it, ”said David Gagliano, festival organizer and president of the Mt. Carmel Society.

Gagliano says the dance is to avoid bad karma for the year.

On Thursday evening, the doll’s ball was held at 11 p.m., a little later than usual to accommodate the huge crowds and the weather.

The festival will continue throughout the weekend on Washington Street.