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Kash Doll asked and Cardi B answered! The “For Everbody” rapper recently took to social media to ask the “Money” artist to change diapers while sporting long fingernails. Cardi B responded to Kash’s request with a two-minute tutorial on the subject.

“Aye, Bardi, how the hell you change Wav[e] (sic) lay with your fingernails,” Kash Doll asked Cardi B via Twitter on Monday (May 15). “I had pressures (sic) [and I am] struggling,” Kash admitted.

Cardi B responded to her fellow recording artist’s request with a tutorial that included a bear instead of her son, Wave Cephus. “Okay girl so I just did a whole video,” Cardi shared with the footage. “Trust me, you’ll understand,” the “Up” rapper encouraged. “However, I feel like boys are harder to clean up,” Cardi admitted in her tweet. “They have more crevices.”

Cardi gave Kash step-by-step instructions that included a section on properly cleaning the baby’s rear. The celebrity mum suggested turning the little one on her side and spreading her buttocks to get a good clean. Cardi also had some great tips for putting on pants. the rapper suggested rolling up the pant leg before trying to dress the baby to avoid major struggles.

Kulture Cephus was present during her mother’s diaper changing tutorial and had questions. “Mom,” the cub began, “Why are you cleaning the bear’s butt,” Kulture asked. Cardi B responded to her daughter, saying, “It’s a long story.”

Several fans took note of the seriousness of Kulture’s face and tone during her mother’s tutorial. “She wasn’t playing with you,” one Twitter fan said after watching the music video. “She just wants her stuffed animal back,” another social media follower said.

Kash Doll first became a mom in January when she welcomed her son, Kashton Prophet Richardson. The recording artist took to Instagram on Mother’s Day to celebrate her journey as a new mother.

“Mom isn’t as Gucci as I thought, but it’s worth every 24/7 I have in me,” Kash told her social media followers. “I have a different level of respect for mothers since I became one myself, but also a different level of disrespect for mothers and fathers who don’t play their part,” the rapper explained. “I love Kashton more than I love myself,” Kash Doll added. “Thank you for choosing me, Butt Butt. I’m so grateful @babykashrich.

Photo: Kash Doll via Instagram/Cardi B via Twitter

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