Rag doll

Kevin Hart manhandled like a rag doll by his trainer (watch)

Kevin Hart getting soaked by his trainer Ron Everline on Sunday July 4, 2021

*Kevin Hart’s the trainer doesn’t appreciate someone talking about his kids, not even his famous client, who received a playful reminder of his trainer’s anger – and strength as punishment.

In video that went viral, a fitness trainer Ron Everline is shown jostling each other in the pool with Hart and their families. It was all fun and games, but Everline had Hart in a serious headache and repeatedly dived him underwater.

“What are you saying? What are you saying?… What do you say about my children?” Everline repeated as he plunged the comedian over and over again, to the delight of passers-by, young and old, nearby.

The clip, shared on Everline’s Instagram account, was captioned: “Happy Sunday! He said something about my kids… sorry ladies… lol what a great time! “

Take a look below:

Not to be outdone, Hart made sure to get revenge. In a separate video, he posted it with Eniko on a jet ski, deliberately soaking Everline and his wife in a wave of water.

“So after my trainer @justtrain soaked me in the pool a few times, I strategically crafted this plan… my wife and I were on the jet skis and we waited for @justtrain and his wife @ dominiquebreanna sit and relax completely on the boat and then WHAAAAAAAM 😂😂😂 ”, he wrote in the caption.

Take a look below: