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Katie Got Bandz claps back to Asian Doll with Diss Track

The battle for the queen of the drill crown still continues, this time with a diss track. Katie has bandz doesn’t take this title battle lightly – his response includes a diss track with visuals, telling everyone to put some respect on his name!


Chicago drill rapper Katie Got Bandz just dropped a new track and on the face of it, she may have won this round. New track “Excuse Me Bitch” sent fans into a frenzy, trying to figure out if by Katie new track is for Asian Doll.

“Drillary Clinton” herself is seen in the video wearing an all-black jumpsuit, complete with high heels. In one scene of the video, Katie is shown holding a doll’s head, then popping it out of the frame. Although Katie doesn’t directly call out Asian Doll, the doll in the video and their recent argument on social media suggests that the opp is Asian Doll.

She continues to spit bar for bar as she does her famous gun dance, ready to go to war with any rap artist coming for her crown as exercise queen saying, “who told this hoe she was the queen of exercise, little female dog this is about to get real. Who wants my crown? Come fight to the death. It can go down at any time as a deficit.

rappers asian doll and Katie has bandz got into a Twitter exchange over who Chicago’s exercise queen is. The beef had people on social media wondering, “Who is Katie Got Bandz? On April 8, Katie Got Bandz took to Twitter to announce that she had received a celebratory DM from Nicki Minaj. Rapper Asian Doll immediately threw shade at Katie on Twitter. This resulted in several clapbacks which even had Coi Leray watching.