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They are pregnant, radiant and ready to be mothers! These celebrities await the arrival of their little ones with pure excitement and joy.

Kash doll

Kash Doll is making the most of her pregnancy. The rapper, who is nine months pregnant, recently enjoyed another baby shower planned by Tracy T.’s mother.

“Tracy’s mom planned a baby shower for her new grandchild and listening to it was so fun and intimate,” Kash told her fans on social media earlier this week. “Kashton has a family in Atl who love him very much,” Kash said of his unborn son. “I appreciate everyone coming out and showering them with more love and gifts,” the celebrity mom said. “I’m 9 months pregnant, all of you,” Kash Doll told her followers on social media. “I’m ready.”

Day before

Eve is approaching her due date and is more than delighted to meet her little one. The recording artist recently took to Instagram to celebrate the impending birth of the first child to her and her husband Maximillion Cooper.

“I can’t believe how long I’m going to meet this little person,” Eve told her fans on social media. The celebrity, who is awaiting the arrival of her little one next month, has received a lot of love from her supporters online. “So proud of you,” Naturi Naughton told Eve. “You’re going to be the best mom,” La La Anthony said.

Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra had an extra sparkle this holiday season. The artist shared a snap from a recent Boxing Day maternity photoshoot.

“You are so beautiful,” said a fan after seeing Amara’s candid sitting in front of decorated Christmas trees. The pregnant star wore red, which matched the other festivities in the room. “You are gorgeous,” another fan told the star.

Charmaine Bey

Charmaine Bey is ready to give birth. the The Black Ink Team: Chicago The star took to Instagram last month to take stock of the pregnancy and talk about motherhood.

“I am so lucky to have been pregnant during the most difficult times of my life,” Charmaine told her social media fan. the Black ink crew The star lost her father, Michael Walker, to cancer last year. Michael was able to share his daughter’s enthusiasm for having another child before her death.

“My babies kept me from losing him totally,” Charmaine told her social media followers last month. “Six weeks before we met Charli Jrue Bey,” the famous mom said. “Being a mom has been so rewarding and I’m so honored,” Charmaine added. “I can’t wait for Nola to meet her little sister! “

Photo: Kash Doll / Instagram

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